We have owned BMWs ourselves for more than a decade including one of the original factory-boosted sedans, the 745i. Turbocharged BMW inline-six power is not new to us.  In fact, turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engines are always at the top of our personal wish list for internal projects.  We will always have at least one BMW in the driveway.  Once you own a proper BMW inline 6-cylinder car, you are forever enamored.  Few other engines can deliver the torque, power, simplicity, and reliability they are known for.

     Owing to the long history of engineering high output inline 6 cylinder engines, it is no surprise that the turbocharged N-series engines (for example) in various BMW models are class leaders in output, efficiency and low emissions output.  Now that the V-8 engines have joined the party it doesn’t get much better for driving enthusiasts.  The factory does however leave some room for tuning to a higher standard in output because of their philosophy of closely matching naturally aspirated engine output levels with their turbocharged engines.  This means there is minimal boost pressure applied to their engines to achieve their engine output goals.  This obviously leaves room for output increases when tuning is applied.  This is where Exclusive Turbosystems comes in.

      We can supply factory turbocharger based upgrades as well as our own complete turbocharger upgrades to replace the standard TD03's altogether.  Count on us to be able to supply just the turbochargers you need to create your personalized driving machine.

BMW  Turbocharger Upgrades

Bavarian Motor Werks.  Their middle name is 'motor' for a very good reason.  BMW engines have always ruled the roost with character, power, and efficiency. Nestled in between the strut towers of a rigid unibody structure that has some of the best suspension geometry in the industry, the smooth 6-cylinder delivers its power to the rear wheels with an electrifying feel. The constant development of the driving dynamics of their cars in competition has benefits for the everyday driver like few other cars can boast.  The 3-series has always enjoyed a tactile connection with it's driver.  They’re simply addictive.

BMW N54 135i, 335i, 535i Turbocharger Upgrades

BMW N54 Bolt-On Turbocharger Upgrades (Level 1)

     For the first level of turbo upgrades, we use good factory cores, integrated exhaust manifold and all, to end up with a true bolt-on 700 whp capable turbocharger upgrade.  These turbos are proven performers an boast completely street-able manners. Response is pretty much just like the stock turbos because we use the same castings for the compressor wheel and turbine wheel alike, but the CHRAs are upgraded with current aerodynamic profiles and the housings are machined to accept them.  Each cartridge is replaced with an upgrade TD04 specially built with heavy-duty thrust components larger compressor wheels and turbine shafts.  The compressor wheels are machined from billet T-6 aluminum alloy for perfect aerodynamic balance and ultimate strength.  These billet wheels allow for both higher airflow rates and improved durability at high thrust ratios.  Precision machining of the intergated exhaust manifold /turbine housing matches the cartridge and affords bolt-on fitment.  Of course as with our other specially crafted turbochargers, the compressor housing is fully ported and includes polishing to match the porting applied to the exhaust manifold primary entries.  While other turbo upgrade companies stop at upgrading the CHRA we take the same approach with all of our turbocharger work. Each housing is ported to flow at high-volumes and with minimal restrictions for peak high-velocity gas flow.  We feel this is critical in all turbos, but especially relevant in such small turbocharger assemblies as these TD04 based units.  These turbos offer a stout 60% improvement in airflow capacity over the tiny factory TD03 turbochargers while keeping close to factory spool-up rates.  There are no other turbochargers available for bolt-on factory manifold fitment that can match the performance of our proprietary upgrade.

Turbocharger Upgrades - BN52/54-TBTU Priced at $3380.47 (w/ good cores)

Core charge - $800

BMW N54 Turbo Upgrades - Level 2

     At this level we offer a full customization of the original system based on individual power goals.  Since we have so many options available for special fitments, there are numerous combinations available.  From Mitsubishi frames in the TD04, and even TD05 families ranging from 800 hp capable twins to to an astounding 1100 hp worth of potential airflow.  Obviously the ball bearing TD05 set-ups are more of a challenge to fit in the engine bay, but transform the N-series into a Bavarian Beast.  Typically not simple bolt-on upgrades, these are for serious builds where the focus is on the output.  Custom-crafted manifolds of high-temperature stainless steel alloys are fully TIG welded to feed the turbine housings using v-band connections.  Each manifold is individually formed to replace the one-piece integrated turbine housing assembly.  This allows equal length primaries to be integrated into the design.  We recommend a fully built short-block assembly (which we can supply) with upgraded forged connecting rods and forged lower-compression pistons to compliment these TD05 upgrades.  With these turbos and nearly 1000 whp on tap, you'll be GTR killing in no time.  Or Gallardo and even Aventador hunting, or go looking for Ferrari 458's and 488’s to embarrass.  Bring a good digital camera, their facial expressions are priceless.

Call ahead for a design consultation.

Custom BMW N54 Turbochargers - $5,699.22 and up BN52/54-CSTM

     Custom TDO4 upgrade CHRA with billet compressor wheel and 360 degree thrust component upgrade for supporting up to 900 HP for the pair of turbos.  

     TDO5 dual Ceramic ball-bearing CHRA upgrade for supporting almost 1200 HP with race fuel tuning above 25 psi boost pressure.  State-of-the-art billet compressor wheel featuring extended blade tips and advanced bladeforms for supporting over 53 lbs of airflow with ease.