Diesel & OTR Truck Turbos

     Exclusive Turbosystems is very pleased to be able to service and even upgrade the turbos mounted on the workhorses of the highways.  We have several common core turbochargers in stock and have the best rebuilding practices for returning these turbos to working status quickly and repairing damage that may occur in use.  Our standard practice is to completely strip all of the metal parts regardless of the amount of crud and paint on them to properly return them to a 'fresh' platform to build from.  The bearings and thrust parts are renewed along with fresh seals to keep oil in and carbon out of the bearing assembly.  After a thorough media blast session of the turbine shaft and compressor wheel, these parts are carefully inspected for damage or heat damage.

     We take pride in doing more than just replacing worn parts and putting it back together.  We assess the bearing designs and thrust components and can make some modifications that will provide improved lubrication and durability in service.  These are done without any additional cost.  The turbine shaft bearing surfaces are polished up to a hard ultra-slick surface to reduce bearing fiction and rotor-group acceleration time.  We make improvements wherever we can to ensure better durability, cooler bearing operating temperatires, and improved dynamic performance inside the CHRA assembly.  Optionally, we offer porting of the compressor and/or turbine housings to increase the airflow potential, overall turbocharger performance efficiency, and reduce spool-up time under load.  Porting of the exhaust housing can also prevent cracking and reduce carbon build-up.  Of course, most any turbo-diesel powerplant could use an upgrade to better deliver the goods (torque - the only way your load gets moved at all) to the axle set.  Let us work out an upgrade of the compressor, the turbine wheel, or even the complete turbocharger rotating group if need be.  The right turbocharger can allow you to haul your load easier over steep grades yet consume LESS FUEL while cruising.  For those of you that haul over mountain passes, either Appalachian or the Rockies, you know how hard it is on the engine to maintain power at altitude.  You also know how much fuel you burn getting up and over the pass.  You would NEVER attempt the run with a turbo that wasn't 100% knowing you won't have enough power to climb the grade and make it over, so why not be equipped with a better performing turbosystem?  Let us help you with a better turbosystem solution so that you can keep more money in your pocket.  We are, after all, here to serve you in thanks for those long hauls that keep this country and it's industries well fed and supplied.

- 'Blueprinted' rebuild service most OTR truck turbos - $769  variable turbine turbos - $888

Please inquire about these options when contracting us to rebuild your turbocharger or replacing your turbocharger that has too much internal wear and damage to be returned to service .

- Blueprinting (increasing the oil supply to the bearings, thrust surfaces, reducing shaft to bearing friction - adding to durability and boost response under load) - We modify the oil ports to increase flow by radiusing the holes and cutting channels in adjacent to the oil passageways to ease oil movement within the CHRA.  Turbine shaft journal surfaces are polished to increase surface hardness and reduce friction in between the bearing and the shaft.  The thrust plate has its journal surfaces polished and oil passages chamfered, radiused, and channeled, all to improve oil flow and reduce friction.  Combining these improvements in the same turbocharger CHRA has the result of speeding up turbocharger response by 250 rpms on the tachometer.  Getting the turbo spinning up to speed faster is key to engine efficiency and low rpm torque, so this is always a welcome outcome.  The bearing housing casting is ported internally (in the oil drainage cavity) to improve oil flow during normal operations and reduce the buildup of carbon from heat-soaked shutdowns.  Once carbon deposits buildup to the level of clogging the proper drainage of the bearings, oil won’t flow through the bearings as well, or even at all which is just what you don’t want to happen on a long uphill haul.

Blueprinting Package of cartridge components for new turbochargers - $159.49

- Porting ( best for increasing aerodynamic and thermal efficiency - which reduces fuel consumption, increases power, hauling torque, load capacity)   Turbine housing scroll passages are worked over with carbide burrs to eliminate casting flash and roughness with the purpose of froming smoother ducts for the exhaust gasses to travel through with less turbulence and better retention of thermodynamic energy.  Inlet passages and turbine outlet are made more uniformly smooth and radiused then smoothed over with sandpaper rolls.  The same treatment is applied to the compressor housing for coaxing more airflow from the compressor wheel and improving its efficiency. truck turbo castings have large amounts of excess metal which is not very well machined or shaped to improve airflow and exhaust gas flow .

- Porting package of both compressor housing and exhaust housing - $648.78

- SPECIAL COMBO * Full porting/ blueprinting package * - $729.88

For performance/efficiency upgrades please call or send us a message for a consultation and upgrade solution 

     Here at Exclusive Turbosystems we can rebuild most any OTR truck and diesel turbocharger in use.  We have successfully rebuilt many different variable geometry turbochargers as well.  Many times rebuilding the turbocharger instead of replacing it, has saved $1000s for the Owner-Operator.  Anytime we have been contracted to work on these turbos we understand how important it is to get the turbocharger back ASAP so that the truck gets back on the highways where it can work.  We know how much this country relies on the trucks hauling their loads on the highways and how importat the turbocharger is to that truck.  Thank you for your service truckers, we'll do our part to keep you moving!

     This Freightliner CAT turbo was brought in needing a rebuild after maybe 600,000 miles.  We were asked about any upgrade options we may have.  On our shelves were all the components needed to supply this upgrade to the compressor section which was 4mm larger.  The Owner-Operator also asked to have the compressor housing and discharge elbow polished up.  Combined with the full compliment of porting performed on the turbine and compressor housings, this bolt-on upgrade should provide another 50 HP and at least another 90 FT LBS of torque on the Freightliner truck.  All done for under HALF the cost of a new turbocharger.

     Borg Warner S400 series turbocharger, similar to the S410 commonly used on all sorts of CAT engines.  We stock these and use them as the basis for several of our diesel turbocharger upgrades which offer truck owners the power and torque they crave at high boost pressures.

     This is what the CAT Garrett turbocharger looked like when we got it.  Carbon deposits were caked onto the turbine housing passages and the gasket had blown out on the inlet flange.  The compressor  wheel looked like it was chewed up pretty bad from debris that got into the inlet.  The hundreds of thousands of miles over the roads of this country had worn it out in  many ways. She was in need of more than a little TLC...  This is what we are here for.

     One of our Garrett turbocharger cores.  This one happens to be a 64mm TV from a Detroit Diesel.  These can be rebuilt to original specifications or easily upgraded with larger compressor wheel and turbine wheel fitments with the benefits of much improved performance on the classic Detroit Diesels still in service out there.

     On the right is a Garrett TV (Detroit Diesel) compressor housing that has been modified with a different discharge, ported, and externally polished.  We do whatever it takes to supply the client‘s need.  All of the TIG welding modifications are done in-house.  Where is the weld?

     The same CAT turbo after the compressor section upgrade, CHRA blueprinting, full complement of housing and outlet casting portwork, and exterior polishing.  The original Garrett compressor housing is pictured below it.  Beside it, a 450 HP automotive T4 turbocharger.  Looks like David and Goliath...  Only this Goliath cane out on top.

     A few compressor housings for diesel turbochargers that we have media-blasted  for upgrades and rebuilds.  Pictured are a pair of Detroit Diesel Garretts, a Mack, a Master Power, and a Switzer.   The other racks are filled with the more commonly used Garrett Caterpillar turbocharger housings

     GMC 3500 diesel service truck turbocharger that was seized and needing a rebuild.  We spent the time thoroughly cleaning out all of the oil passages and removing the carbon that had accumulated over its 400,000 miles of service.  It was also requested that we ‘see what we could do to get more out of it’, so the compressor and turbine housings were ported along with the downpipe elbow casting.  Just what the doctor ordered...

     Above we have an authentic Garrett CHRA for a TV-series turbocharger.  We stock such CHRA's for use in turbocharger rebuilds when the original shafts and wheels are beyond repair.  This is done to keep service times short so truck owners can get their rigs back on the road hauling loads in short order.

     The smaller diesel turbochargers get plenty of attention here at Exclusive Turbosystems.  This Garrett has been upgraded with a blueprinted CHRA and new turbin housing for better response.

     Feel free to submit photos of your rig to us even if you don't need any turbo service work presently.  We would be glad to post pictures of you workhorse or show truck for the world to view on our site.  You're not the only one proud to see a great truck!

     The NINJA-R  88mm billet compressor wheel turbocharger delivers 1400 WHP for a  perfect single turbo diesel upgrade.

     The NINJA-RC turbocharger delivers a solid high-boost solution for diesel trucks.

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    Our NINJA is one tough hombre so we know it is perfect for use as an upgrade for the Dodge Cummins turbo-diesel engine. Tough engine with huge potential and the NINJA turbocharger was designed to be good at flowing huge amounts of air and delivering heaps of boost pressure without breaking a sweat, day after day, after day.  Seems wise to make sure our turbo is a perfecr fit for the Cummins in our opinion.  Its compressor wheel is a billet aluminum alloy design that outflows the cast Borg Warner original it supersedes with ease, and neither would there be much that would put much of a dent in any of its sturdy forged T-6 alloy blades.  On the opposite end of the shaft where this wheel spins is a beefy 96 mm wheel that boasts twin oil seals which is best with a diesel engine fitment.  More importantly, the turbine housing is a masterful concoction that gets this turbo to light off in a hurry like nobody would imagine.  A heavy duty thrust component upgrade and a few tricks inside the bearing housing are applied to make this turbo Just about indestructible.

     The NINJA-RC CHRA is based on a 96mm turbine wheel and a 80mm compressor wheel combination supported by a S400 large journal bearing housing.  Each of the journal bearings is modified by Exclusive Turbosystems to incorporate a 360 oil channel to keep oil flowing to the inner journal 100% of the time.  The thrust plate is upgraded to a heavy-duty 360 degree set for the ultimate in 3, 4, and 5 BAR boost pressure load capacity.  All of the thrust plate and turbine shaft bearing surfaces are polished to increase hardness and lower friction simultaneously.  The bearing housing itself even has its oil drain cavity ported to improve oil flow and drainage out of the bearings themselves.  These modifications lower friction inside the CHRA to the point that boost will come on 250 RPM sooner because of how much less effort is needed for the turbine shaft and compressor wheel to spin up to speed.  The compressor wheel is a specially designed forged 6+6 blade billet wheel.  It has a more aggressive blade angle for better airflow capacity than other 80mm ‘upgrade billet compressor wheels’.  This billet wheel can swallow enough air to support up to 900 WHP in a diesel truck.  The turbine wheel has more than enough blade diameter to support this 80mm compressor wheel as it is the same one we specify for our 88mm NINJA-R 1800 HP turbocharger.  This 718 Inconel alloy turbine wheel is the largest of the S400 turbochargers and has 2 piston seals on the turbine end for keeping oil from the bearings away from leaking into the turbine housing.

     The compressor housing for this turbocharger is a anti-surge equipped casting with a large 3”  compressor discharge.  The ported-shroud inlet has been meticulously sanded to eliminate the roughness of the casting to promote smoother airflow characteristics through the housing inlet.  Both the inlet and compressor discharge are ported for a smoother passage through the housing.  This porting improves the airflow, expands the compressor wheel ’map’, and adds to the killer induction sound the turbo makes when it spools up.  The outlet on this particular housing is a 90 degree 3” exit both a bead on the edge to keep the coupler in place.  This 90 degree bend is fully TIG welding onto the compressor housing and ported just like the housing itself.  This makes it simple to use in the Dodge Cummins application when connecting the turbocharger to the intercooler inlet piping.  The entire exterior of the housing is sanded and then completely polished to a high-luster shine.  

     The turbine housing of this NINJA-RC turbocharger is a specially fabricated and machined T6 housing with a .90 A/R and 5” V-band outlet.  This housing allows a smaller turbine housing area for turbine wheel acceleration that can’t be achieved with the factory Borg Warner housings which are much larger in area.  This housing has been extensively ported to support higher overall gas flow through the turbine blades in addition to the high-velocity of the .90 A/R twin-scroll passages.  Because of this housing’s effectiveness at getting the 96mm turbine wheel up to speed quickly FULL BOOST comes in at a low 2000 RPM.  We also prepare the housing exterior for a high-temperature ceramic coating that keeps underhood temps low and the gasses inside the housing high for maximum thermodynamic efficiency.

Included features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Upgraded 360 degree thrust components

- Ported comprssor & turbine housings

- 3" v-band outlet (optional wastegated housing for swing-valve control)

- Polished compressor housing exterior

Price - $1896.44 NRC75/9-5 (80mm compressor wheel),  $1749.52 NRC80/9-5 (75mm compressor wheel)

     The 88 mm NINJA-R. This turbo is our favorite offering for 2 reasons, it responds fast and delivers gobs of airflow.  A killer large-framed turbocharger that was designed to be the most potent 88 mm turbocharger we can deliver that delivers with a measure of stealth.  It may look like other 88 mm turbos but this one really is Bad-to-the-Bone, from the inside out.  The center of this turbocharger is the next-level compressor wheel fitment and 96 mm turbine wheel combination.  Each casting is massaged by skilled hands like no mass-produced shelf-stock turbo could ever dream of. Based around a huge Inconel turbine wheel with state-of-the-art thermodynamic performance, this special 88 mm billet aluminum compressor wheel equipped turbo delivers insane performance.  Because of our exclusive turbine housing fitment, this turbocharger has spool characteristic like an S300 turbocharger, yet can deliver up to 1400hp! No, they are NOT mutually exclusive.  You CAN have a turbocharger that responds very fast AND delivers massive midrange & top-end airflow.  The exhaust housing features a very unique .90 A/R making it possible to increase the turbine acceleration even with such a large turbine wheel assembly.  The specialized porting of these housings is key to achieving flow rates that not only assure class-leading turbine acceleration, but top-end flow volume that other turbochargers in this compressor size will envy.  Fancy machining alone will not produce this level of turbocharger performance, expert craftsmanship has to be an integral part of the design.  This special Borg Warner based combination is not available together elsewhere, we custom manufacture it.  The divided T-6 flange-patterned turbine housing receives special machining for fitment, and full porting of both the scroll passages as well as the 'standard' 5" v-banded outlet.

     We don't stop with the proprietary exhaust arrangement and nice billet wheel then call the Ninja-R complete.  Like any competition vehicle, preparation is vital to peak performance.  A complete race-spec blueprint of the CHRA ensures that at boost pressures of more than 4 BAR, this turbocharger can both deliver race-winning airflow and take the punishment.  The journal bearings which are heavy-duty of course, have full circumference grooves ensuring a stable oil bath for the turbine shaft to spin in no matter what the load.  Not only is the journal bearing oil supply modified for increased lubrication and cooling capacity, but we have modified each thrust pad oil port to increase oil flow as well.  Each turbine shaft bearing journal and thrust plate surface has been polished to increase surface hardness and lower friction.  As a result of these critical modifications and specialized preparation techniques, these turbos have an impressive 30% lower internal friction level.  This directly contributes to reduced spool-up times and faster transient response while under thrust loads.  We have even invested a couple of hours in porting the oil drain cavity of the bearing housing for the best oil flow and drainage possible, just like a true competition engine assembly.  Some other tweaks worth mentioning are the inclusion of a 360 degree thrust plate to more effectively cope with those 3-Bar plus boost loads, and a polished compressor backplate surface for even higher compressor airflow velocity and volume.  These are polished to the same standard as the compressor exterior.  With all of these blueprinting tricks we have invested in the NINJA-R, the way this turbo responds is more like a dual ball-bearing turbocharger than any journal bearing design.  This we have developed to bring the best performance possible to your turbocharged competition engine without having to worry about any service issues in years to come.

     One look at the compressor wheel will reveal that much development work has gone into the CAD design of the bladeforms.  We employ an aerospace aluminum alloy to machine from a billet forging for the ultimate in both light-weight and high-strength. This is no modified cast wheel design.  The root of each blade is closer to the shaft for 2 very important reasons.  The first is a reduction in inertia, critical to the fast-spooling performance of this particular compressor wheel.  Secondly, it allows an increase in blade area for a substantial improvement in airflow capacity.  This turbo has a 1800 HP rating for a reason.  The time was spent to develop a next level compressor section that pushes the efficiency of an 88 mm inducer size to the limit of what was the industry standard and beyond.  Well really, far beyond.  Each of these wheels is quite difficult to program its machining because of the exacting dimensions and extreme bladeform angles involved.  Even the nut for the compressor wheel is CNC machined into the wheel to save a few ounces over a steel nut and allow a smaller diameter for both greater bladeform area and even lower inertia.  Like we stated, next level compressor wheel technology.  That is what you should expect a turbo specialist to offer at this level of performance, is it not?  These are not manufactured to be standardized and sold in the hundreds even though the demand is high. We prepare each one (or pair) to be a no-excuses turbocharger that does just what is claimed with ease.  Pride in craftsmanship definitely applies here, not production goal quotas.

     The compressor housing selected to complement this special wheel has some noteworthy features itself.  To start with, this a a 'race' housing, which has a larger compressor scroll cavity volume for higher overall compressor capacity suitable for competition. The inlet has a nice radius to smoothly direct airflow into the blade inducer area. It also incorporates an anti-surge cavity and slot underneath the radiused inlet.  This arrangement guarantees the most efficient airflow along with compressor damage protection being built-in.  Meticulous porting of the compressor housing discharge maximizes the airflow delivered to your engine from the compressor wheel.  Whether you opt for a tube discharge or a v-band outlet, it is ported to deliver the best airflow.  After the porting meets our standards, we turn the carbide burrs loose on the exterior.  Sure we make our turbos look phenomenal, but there is a small performance benefit too.  These housings are just a bit lighter for our efforts. Anyone in racing will appreciate some progress in that direction.

     As far a exhaust housings go, this one is definitely unique.  After much feedback and testing, we have enclosed the massive 96 mm 718 alloy Inconel turbine wheel inside of a housing that originally was cast for a somewhat smaller wheel.  Why, you may ask? Because it works to have both a large diameter turbine wheel and a higher-velocity turbine housing scroll area to drive this compressor wheel properly.  These T6-flanged housings are very efficient at channeling large gas volumes.  That's a given, but turbine acceleration is generally secondary.  We have successfully modified this housing to do both.  Since it is impossible to make the kind of HP these turbos are expected to deliver without a large turbine wheel diameter, the NINJA-R has a 96 mm wheel for plenty of gas flow capacity.  After all of our proprietary housing modifications, the effective A/R of the housing is between .89 and 1.00.  The result is a large amount of exhaust flow capacity with an incredible amount of turbine wheel acceleration.  Everyone wins withe this arrangement.  The internal cavities are thoroughly ‘massaged’ with carbide burrs and then sanded smooth for the ultimate in gas velocity and volume for the turbine wheel to be driven by.  Even the outlet has a similar treatment to get the most out of the turbine wheel.  The aforementioned compressor porting matches the exhaust housing handiwork for balanced efficiency and peak performance. 

ININJA-R 88mm Turbo Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA
- 360 Degree Thrust Components
- Fully Ported Compressor & Turbine Housings
- V-Band Turbine Discharge
- Polished Compressor Exterior
- Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel
- Compressor Outlet Options: 3" Beaded Tube/ 3.5" V-Band (angle of outlet is optional)

- Exhaust Housing Ceramic-Coated Exterior Finish

Price - $3,548.59

     The SNIPER-R turbocharger delivers a solid 500 - 600 WHP worth of airflow to a diesel engine.  This popular turbocharger upgrade is packed with upgraded components to make it ideal on trucks with tuned engines that also need to spend time hauling and towing.

Price - $

     The 80mm KATANA-DR turbocharger is uniquely suited to serve duty in diesel performance applications.  The best features of the NINJA turbocharger with a T4 turbine housing maker for a potent upgrade turbocharger which responds more like a much smaller stock upgrade turbo.  The faster response and the inclusion of a twin turbine seal turbine shaft makes this the perfect choice for a twin S400 turbocharger compound diesel setup.  With its billet compressor wheel and upgraded thrust components this turbocharger is ready to serve as the high-pressure turbocharger in a compound diesel equipped truck.

     This is absolutely the deadliest T4 turbocharger we offer.  What we offer with the KATANA-DR is a turbocharger that offers the very finest combination of response of the rotor group components and incredible airflow capacity of its compressor section.  There are several elements which make these very highly prized among our clients who expect nothing less than a world-class turbocharger with unparalleled performance and durability.  We base the KATANA-DR on a larger turbine wheel than the shaft offered in our SAMURAI line of turbochargers, and it is combined with a variation of the 88mm compressor section components featured in the NINJA-R turbochargers.  The turbine seals are a dual piston-ring type for uncompromised oil control on par with the NINJA-R turbochargers.  This is critically important in diesel applications because of the high pressures at work within the turbocharger.  With an impressive horsepower rating of nearly 1000 WHP by itself, it does well on its own or in compound setups.

     Beginning with the turbine shaft, we have selected the largest shaft we can fit within a select assortment of T4 flanged turbine housings which is nearly 5mm larger than that offered in our popular SAMURAI turbochargers.  This affords the level of exhaust gas volume necessary to support horsepower levels approaching that of the NINJA-R turbocharger without the need for the larger T6-flanged housing it employs.  Making the KATANA-DR tuneable for response, these housings, which can be optioned to have an assortment of A/R sizes, are fully ported as with all of our signature-series turbochargers for the very best management of the exhaust gas energy made available from the engine.  The porting is meticulously performed over a few hours to draw out the very highest-volume flow rates and made uniformly low in restriction to maximize gas velocity consistent with the best turbine shaft/ compressor wheel acceleration possible.  After the carbide burrs are put to rest and the sanding rolls have done their job, both the twin scroll turbine inlet and the large 4" V-band outlet are ready for full flow capacity and the ultimate in turbine wheel acceleration performance.  Just like the famous weapons which these turbochargers are named after, we have invested many long tedious hours in sculpting the metal passages into the forms we have determined to be the most effective and 'lethal'.

     This being a signature 'R' series turbocharger, it has a full complement of internal bearing, housing, and thrust component modifications and upgrades to be the very best we can craft it to be.  Each of its journal bearings has a special circumferential groove machined on its outer diameter to provide direct oil pressure to each port feeding the internal journal surfaces of the bearings and the turbine shaft.  This, we have determined, provides a more steady supply of cooling and lubrication to the bearings that does not rely on a perfect alignment of the bearing oil holes and the turbocharger bearing housing oil port to deliver full oil pressure and volume to the turbine shaft surfaces rotating inside each bearing.  Both journal surfaces where the bearings are positioned are carefully polished to improve upon their surface hardness, and lower the friction in between the inner bearing journal, oil film, and the turbine shaft itself.  Not only is there a substantial improvement in durability against small particles carried within the oil inflicting any damage on the shaft or bearings themselves, but an impressive improvement in the ease of shaft acceleration due to the 25% drop in internal friction.  These turbochargers feature an improved 360 degree thrust plate and collar combination which we have modified with finely polished thrust surfaces for the best in both load capacity and reduced friction alike.

Price - $

Diesel Performance Turbochargers