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       Exclusive Turbosystems is operating out of a 2000+/- Square Foot facility in Oviedo, Florida.  This is more than enough space for our critical turbocharger assembly, CHRA blueprinting, porting work, polishing, and fabrication work to be performed.  Every turbocharger is balanced of course, with a warranty of 12 months for rebuilds and 60 days or 90 days for our Signature Series turbochargers.  Each custom fabrication job is handled in-house using our Lincoln Precision-TIG 275, the same machine top NASCAR teams and custom fabrication shops all over the country use.  Most of our turbos have TIG-welded modifications to the housings to get the most out of our unique turbocharger wheel combinations.  We proudly enlist specialized CNC machining from local machine shops wherever possible.  We are not interested in doing everything under our own roof, just being expert at what we do undertake.  The results should speak volumes for our efforts to this end.

     What you are viewing to the left is a genuine Garrett GT3582R ball bearing turbocharger that has been ported on the turbine housing and compressor housing, and also had our signature polishing performed on the compressor housing.  This is how a 660 HP+ BB turbo should be offered...ported, polished, perfect.  The Garrett GT35R, presented the Exclusive Turbosystems way.

     So fresh, so clean........  After we receive any turbocharger for servicing (or part for polishing) it is thoroughly media-blasted to get rid of all of the carbon, oil, coolant residue, and grime turbochargers accumulate both inside and out.  As you can see, we media-blast every component of the turbocharger before the blueprinted rebuild process takes place.  If the parts are out of spec, they are not used, which can only be determined when precision-measured once cleaned.

     Before and after.  This is what we can do to a brand new Borg Warner (S366) Turbocharger (or any turbocharger for that matter).  Port the compressor and turbine housings.  Blueprint the CHRA parts inside.  Sand smooth and polish the compressor housing exterior.  Ready for a car show, this turbo's also got more GO!

Garrett Stage-V (T3) turbine shaft.

Garrett Stage-III (T3) turbine shaft.

Garrett P-Trim (T4) turbine shaft.

     Yes, we are finicky about cleanliness.   The large-frame Garrett TV-series turbocharger CHRA components to the right are ready for blueprinted assembly.  The turbine shaft bearing journal surfaces have already been finely polished to reduce friction and increase surface hardness.

     Yes, these are both automotive turbochargers.  The smaller turbo is a Mitsubishi TDO5 from an Eclipse GSX (with a modified outlet for a custom intercooler setup).  The larger turbo is a Turbonetics Y2K from a fully-built Chevrolet Camaro.  When we were finished rebuilding this Y2K it made 50 HP more once it was installed thanks to our tweaks.  You can never have enough power.  The owner was pleasantly surprised by the results.  How would you like to have your turbo 'rebuilt' and make more power than before?

     The heart of every turbocharger is the turbine shaft.  Without an authentic Inconel,  Mar-M, or Titanium-Aluminide alloy shaft you only have a nice looking paperweight attached to your exhaust manifold.  We INSIST on building custom turbos with quality turbine shafts like these authentic Garrett (Inconel 718 alloy) shafts.  Yes, they cost more than the Chinese copies.  As they should.  You get what you pay for.  We are metallurgy specialists here and can spot a low-grade alloy copy a mile away.  Turbine wheel blades ARE NOT where you use Stainless Steel alloys when they will melt in the 1100 - 1600' F temperature gas flow of a turbocharger.  Quality is paramount with us here at Exclusive Turbosystems.  Nothing less will do for our high-performance Signature-Series turbochargers.  Our BLACK MAMBA, SIDEWINDER, SCORPION, SAMURAI, NINJA, KATANA, and ARMAGEDDON turbos all feature high quality Inconel alloy turbine shafts which we have prepped to improve the performance and durability of.  The reason we started our company was to offer a high-quality performance turbocharger option for the performance aftermarket and the rebuild market.  Everything learned and researched goes into making each of our rebuilds and performance turbochargers better.  Using the correct alloys and preparation techniques is critical to achieving this goal.

     We ALWAYS keep a stockpile of various Garrett turbine shafts for custom turbos, and compressor wheels of common trims for rebuilds.  Our stores also include some excellent condition turbine shafts bought from all over the world, to assure that rebuilds are perfect.

     Various turbos we work with to make our NINJA, NINJA-R, SAMURAI, SAMURAI-R, AND CYBORG turbochargers.  We only use proven Borg Warner, KKK, Mitsubishi, and Garrett platforms to assure that you get a durable performance turbocharger that will last under performance tuning stress.  Quality in, quality out.

     There are always a few good cores kept for upgrades and critical components.  Plenty of new and used turbine housings set aside for porting to be matched to our specially blueprinted and special CHRAs combinations.

     These are a few of the compressor housings (and wheels) we have on-hand for custom turbos.  Garrett, Borg Warner, KKK, Mitsubishi, Master Power, Holset, IHI, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Mack are built and serviced here.

     Here are a few Borg Warner compressor housings, some large-frame Garrett compressor housings, a Holset compressor housing, and a Master Power compressor housing and backing plate.  A pair of Garrett backing plates sit on top.  All we use on a custom, as-needed basis.  It takes a variety of turbo parts to serve both the diesel and gasoline engine standard rebuild and custom-turbo performance needs. We can easily modify these to perform to our specifications.  TIG welding, machining, porting, or all of the above, whatever it takes.

     Above we have our unique NINJA-R (Borg warner based) turbine housings, a Garrett GT25 ball bearing  housing, a Garrett Stage-V housing, a Mitsubishi TDO5 20G turbine shaft, a Garrett TO4B compressor wheel, and a Garrett TV backing plate.  Phew, what a variety!  Since we insist on using housings and shafts made from the best materials, we are sure of the performance of each turbo we build.  These are the sort of high-quality, made in the USA, authentic mainstream turbo manufacturer components, and specially modified housings we keep at the ready for our client’s particular custom turbo needs.  

     We use this Baileigh billet tubing notcher to cope Chrome-Moly tubing for roll cages, Stainless Steel wastegate tubes, and on exhaust manifolds for turbocharger kits.

     Our Lincoln Electric Precision-TIG 275 has a 340 AMP capability and use it to weld aluminum alloys, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Titanium, and Cast-iron.  Same welder used on Overhaulin' and several top NASCAR fabrication shops. 

     Our JD-Squared tubing bender makes roll bar hoops and runners for roll cages.  Hydraulic actuation means heavy-gauge tubing is simple for us to bend in repeatable angles all day long.  Monster-Truck roll cages?  No problem.

     A local (Raleigh) Porsche repair shop asked us to rebuild and upgrade this KKK turbocharger for a 930 (1st Gen Porsche 911 Turbo).  We actually had the correct components IN-STOCK for the rebuild, and the upgrade.  This is how prepared we are for turbo work here at Exclusive Turbosystems.

     All of our TIG welding is done with the Lincoln Precision TIG 275.  Although we seldom need its full 300+ AMPs of power, its precision arc control is always being exploited.  This downpipe for a Turbo Eclipse is typical of its use.

     This is the final step of our polishing of a Nissan SR20DET valve cover.  The industrial-strength buffer we use is strong enough that a wide stance and 2-hands are required to hold the part steady against the wheel.  Like our welding and fabrication equipment, we use what is needed to produce the best results.

     We have fabricated many exhaust systems for vehicles.  This system happens to be a large-bore 4" Titanium system for saving weight on a turbocharged competition car.  If done correctly, large-bore exhausts can be used on naturally-aspirated vehicles on the street as well.  We have welded such systems (like a 3" for a 1.8L Mitsubishi which was used to give the local Hondas fits!) with the right muffling and characteristics  ourselves for our clients to enjoy.  Each custom exhaust is designed with the breathing and scavenging needs of your engine’s state of tune.  The entire package is setup to work well together for optimum engine performance.  Whether naturally aspirated, nitrous injected, or turbocharged, we can fabricate the correct exhaust system for peak performance for any vehicle.

     Over the years we have used our welding expertise and equipment to fabricate many exhaust and intake manifolds for a wide variety of engines, some turbocharged, some naturally-aspirated.  Our understanding of what it takes to keep gas flow at the proper levels for scavenging and turbine wheel acceleration, are key to each design’s effectiveness.  Only high-tensile strength alloys are employed in manifold fabrication.  The manifold above is cast (304L) Stainless Steel.  Thick enough to resist cracking and warpage, with enough Nickel in the alloy to take the heat from a turbocharged engine’s exhaust gasses.  Fully ported at the head flange and turbo flange and collector for the best gas flow dynamics.  Our manifolds work correctly and they last.  Typically it is the last manifold you will ever need to buy for your turbocharged vehicle.  

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World-Class Polishing With a 'Liquid-Metal' Look.

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