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     We at Exclusive Turbosystems have the utmost respect for the enduring character and engineering of the 911 line.  Let it be simply said that the driver is at the center of the 911 design from the first draft to the many racing iterations that lend their technology to mass production at the end.  Naturally responsive and comfortably involving to drive at speed, these cars carve through roads with character and precision that few other vehicles attain.  Some will always demand your respect, while yet others beg for you to push the limits of your comfort in vehicle control at remarkably high speeds.  These are pure driver's cars, true sports cars, refined through decades of international competition with podium finishes and un-ending technical development.

     The launch of the the original 3.0 liter 930 turbo in 1975 was nothing short of epic.  Sporting fuel injection, a rather large turbocharger, and bulging fender flares, this new iteration of the the Carrera was state-of-the-art and looked the part of a race car for the masses.  The 260 hp Turbo achieved instant cult-classic status.  Much is owed to the insightful development of turbocharger technology for road cars pioneered by Porsche.  Their strength in racing has been firmly established by a number of turbocharged models, such as the 917, 962, 924, the 944 Turbo Cup, the 959, and of course the 935.  Thanks to the considerable efforts of Porsche, the science of turbocharging has been moving forward since the early seventies, and the 911 model has always displayed many advancements with pride.  The 959 model showed that Porsche could apply turbocharging in unique ways that yielded impressive engine output and solidified boosted powerplants as the pinnacle of performance for sports cars.  Truly legendary acceleration is a 911 hallmark especially evident with the turbocharged track cars, which the other car manufacturers are well aware of as their cars struggle to keep up with the pace of well-developed flat-six engines.

     So whether you wish to have a mild update that looks just like a factory part or a custom-spec upgrade for a bespoke race- engine blueprint that goes way beyond ‘normal’ horsepower levels, we can accommodate many desires and performance goals.  With a design as time-honored and revered as the 911, it is our goal to treat each vehicle and turbocharger (or pair of turbos) as the valuable part of automobile performance heritage that the entire 911 model line has been identified as.

Porsche 911 Turbo Upgrades

Porsche 930 (Turbo) circa 1975 to 1989

     From the iconic classics of the 70's and 80's like this sinister, beautifully fortified 930 sporting wide low-profile rubber and tasty body modifications...

     To specially tuned editions which have been built or manufactured to expand on the Porsche formula for the 911 Turbo model line.  This RUF turbo is all that a 930 can be and then some.  We can rebuild these unique turbocharger upgrades as well bringing them back to the tuner’s specifications and performance.

Porsche 965

circa 1990 to 1994

     To the muscular sculpting of the air-cooled 965 which says seriously FAST, and POWERFUL.  Its torquey 350 HP+ punch delivered to the rear tires deserves respect every time.  One drive will convince you this is a true 'BAD-BOY'.

Porsche 993 Turbo

circa 1995 to 1998

     Taking in the AWD prowess of the 993 Turbo Carrera that spoke somewhat softly with its aerodynamically-sculpted exterior, but packed over 400hp of 3.6 liter force to back up any claim to road dominance.

Porsche 996 Turbo

circa 2000 to 2004

     Moving on to the evolutionary, water-cooled Porsche 996 super car, that sports an impressive array of technological advancements yielding nearly unflappable cornering prowess, more power and 189 mph top speed capability.

Porsche 997 Turbo

Circa 2006 - 2012

     Leading to the 997 turbo model with 480 hp, AWD, and 3.8 liters of displacement.  This model boasts better aerodynamics, incredible turbo response, and handling dynamics in addition to the substantial power increase from the Flat-6 engine in the rear.

Porsche 996 Billet Turbocharger Upgrade Service  (996TTR-B/36)

     Exclusive Turbosystems serves up an upgrade service for the Porsche 996 turbochargers that offer up a 300 HP increase of stock for the more extreme-performance oriented 996 owner.   These upgrades are based on the GT-2 turbocharger specifications to begin with and are further enhanced with billet compressor wheels and ported housings.  These billet compressor wheels feature and advanced aerodynamic profile that flows better with elevated pressure ratios and their T-6 alloy material is more dimensionally stable as well.  Since we are a stocking distributor and have sold many of these actuators in the past to Porsche owners the world over, we have included a complement of Turbosmart billet wastegate actuators.  Accurate boost regulation is assured with these actuators that feature Nomex-reinforced silicone diaphragms and are adjustable with different springs inside their CNC-machined billet aluminum anodized housings.

     Inside the CHRA we fit a 360 degree thrust component upgrade and blueprint the entire assembly with our special techniques.  We're talking about massaged oil ports and polished journal surfaces for lower friction and increased oil flow at the critical load points.  The polished turbine shaft journal surfaces not only reduces internal friction which directly translates to improved turbocharger responsiveness, but increases surface hardness as well for an increase in durability.  These modifications go beyond the simple wheel and machined housing upgrades commonly available for the 996.  The billet wheels may be the headliner, but the details deliver the award-winning presentation once the throttle body gets shoved open.

     Both the compressor housing and turbine housing are massaged with our special carbide burrs and sanding tools to create an ultra-low turbulence passage for both the air-charge and most importantly, the exhaust stream acting upon the turbine wheel blades.  These modifications and upgrades are the basis for our turbocharger's phenomenal performance and excellent response.  There is nothing on the market with this level of attention to the details of the 996 turbochargers.  This upgrade is a bolt-affair that takes the 996 to the next level with 750 HP capability and turbo response more like the VTG turbos fitted to the 997.  These turbochargers will absolutely transform a 996 Turbo into a top-tier powerhouse that will get you plenty of respect on the road.  An additional 300+ HP tends to do that.  With the way these turbos respond to throttle inputs, the flat-6 will be making insane amounts of midrange torque to be channeled to the 4 tires, which is precisely what the 996 needs to be tuned at current hypercar engine power levels.  We believe your 996 deserves this level of attention.

Included features:

- Blueprinted CHRA(s)

- Ported turbine & compressor housings

- Billet compressor wheel upgrade

- Turbosmart billet wastegate actuator(s)

- Turbine housing ceramic-based coating

Your cost for upgrade service  $3894.49  (requires usable cores)

     For 930's we can rebuild The KKK K26 to factory specifications, perform limited performance upgrades like this turbo pictured with ported housings that keep all of the external OEM markings and appearance, or supply custom upgrades based on modern turbocharger aerodynamics and housings.

Porsche 997 Billet Turbocharger Upgrade  (997TTR-B/36)

     Our upgrade for this modern 911 is built to deliver astounding power and response at the highest level based on OEM-quality turbocharger platforms.  We take the 997 turbochargers just that much further with a billet compressor wheel upgrade of larger dimensions, specially blueprinted CHRA’s, and fully ported housings to support incredible amounts of airflow with electrifying response to throttle inputs.  Not only are the billet aluminum compressor wheels a more efficient design, they are both stronger and lower in inertia than their factory cast originals.  We extend the performance capability of the matched pair of upgraded turbochargers by porting the turbine housings and the compressor housings as well.  While the compressor housing port work adds a modest 10% to the airflow capacity of the billet wheel upgrade, the turbine housing really is worth the price of admission because it reduces spool-up time by an impressive 400 rpm while extending the compressor wheel driving torque to move 15% more air by volume making these capable of supporting close to 1000 HP with the correct tuning and fuel delivery.  These are based on OEM-quality new cores which we have upgraded internally and machined to accept larger rotor-group dimensions. 

Porsche Genuine 930 Turbocharger Upgrade

     We were contracted to perform our macgic on this 930 turbocharger for a Porsche tuner in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Besides needing a comprehensive rebuild, the shop asked us, "is there anything you can do to improve its performance, especially its response?"  Of course our answer was "yes, of course, we can port the housings and upgrade the compressor wheel."  We just happened to have the appropriate components on the shelf to donate to the cause.  Our shelf stock included a turbocharger with a larger (by 4mm overall) compressor wheel and the appropriate housing.  Exclusive Turbosystems has always kept a ready supply of various turbocharger cores that have been collected over years of searching and scavenging.  This was an upgrade using genuine KKK parts so it could keep the look of the original turbocharger.  However, the compressor housing had a different outlet configuration so we TIG-welded the correct discharge outlet in place from the original turbocharger to keep its originality.  The compressor housing was then worked over with our collection of carbide burrs to eliminate a restrictive lip on the inlet to the compressor and form a gradual radius toward the compressor wheel itself.  The outlet was ported to complement the inlet modifications and the net results assure a more efficient compressor wheel performance within the housing owed to the elimination of turbulence induced by the sharp transitions of the machined inlet area of the housing.  The end results were a 20% improvement in airflow delivery and faster response, both very welcome for a 930.

     The exhaust housing received a matching amount of work to improve gas velocity through its passages.  Since we have a thorough understanding of the effect this modification has on turbocharger response, we spent some very careful hours working to make the turbine housing inlet and outlet smoother and more uniform in form.  The original castings of these turbochargers are actually quite rough, and the passages induce quite a bit of turbulence into both the compressor wheel and turbine wheel alike, not exactly the best environment for turbocharger efficiency or response.  After the carbide burrs are set aside from being used on the housing we carefully sand down the passages to a 'smooth-to-the-touch' finish.  This combination of housing work with the KKK turbocharger improves boost response several hundred rpms.  Any 930 owner will agree that whatever can be done to reduce 'turbo-lag' is absolutely vital to the enjoyment of the air-cooled, flat-six, boosted engine.  The character is much the same, just getting the party started much sooner.

     This same work can be performed on your 930 turbocharger if you wish.  The compressor upgrade and porting will improve HP delivered to the wheels by 40 HP easily with 450 rpm faster response, a welcome improvement to be sure.  We can even perform an upgrade like this using the original compressor housing casting so that it retains the factory serial number identification plate for the satisfaction of the concours judges if you please.  We have also supplied bespoke turbocharger upgrades for highly modified 930's and early 911's so just call us to discuss your performance goals.

Porsche 930 Turbocharger Upgrade Solutions:

 - 930 Turbo Blueprinted Rebuild with Fully Ported Housings  - $893.87  (P930FOC-PH)

 - 930 Turbo Upgrade Compressor Ported & Blueprinted  - $1,544.78  (P930UCH-PH)

 - 930 Turbo Upgraded Comp. Wheel/ OEM Housing Fully Ported  - $1,864.74  (P930UCFH-PH)