- NINJA-R 88mm 1800 HP Billet Compressor Race Turbocharger

      The 88 mm NINJA-R.  This turbo is our favorite offering for 2 reasons, it responds fast and delivers gobs of airflow.  A killer large-framed turbocharger that was designed to be the most potent 88 mm turbocharger we can offer that delivers with a measure of stealth.  It may look like other 88 mm turbos but this one really is Bad-to-the-Bone, from the inside out.  The center of this turbocharger is the next-level compressor wheel fitment and 96 mm turbine wheel combination.  Each casting is massaged by skilled hands like no mass-produced shelf-stock turbo could ever dream of.  Based around a huge Inconel turbine wheel with state-of-the-art thermodynamic performance, this special 88 mm billet aluminum compressor wheel equipped turbo delivers insane performance.  Because of our exclusive turbine housing fitment, this turbocharger has spool characteristic like an S300 turbocharger, yet can deliver up to 1800hp!  No, they are NOT mutually exclusive.  You CAN have a turbocharger that responds very fast AND delivers massive midrange & top-end airflow.  The exhaust housing features a very unique .90 A/R making it possible to increase the turbine acceleration even with such a large turbine wheel assembly.  The specialized porting of this housing is key to achieving flow rates that not only assure class-leading turbine acceleration, but top-end flow volume that other turbochargers in this compressor size will envy.  Fancy machining alone will not produce this level of turbocharger performance, expert craftsmanship has to be an integral part of the design.  This special Borg Warner based combination is not available together elsewhere, we custom manufacture it.  The divided T-6 flange-patterned turbine housing receives special machining for fitment, and full porting of both the scroll passages as well as the 'standard' 5" v-banded outlet.

     We don't stop with the proprietary exhaust arrangement and nice billet wheel then call the Ninja-R complete.  Like any competition vehicle, preparation is vital to peak performance.  A complete race-spec blueprint of the CHRA ensures that at boost pressures of more than 4 BAR, this turbocharger can both deliver race-winning airflow and take the punishment.  The journal bearings which are heavy-duty of course, have full circumference grooves, ensuring a stable oil bath for the turbine shaft to spin in no matter what the load. Not only is the journal bearing oil supply modified for increased lubrication and cooling capacity, but we have modified each thrust pad oil port to increase oil flow as well.  Each turbine shaft bearing journal and thrust plate surface has been polished to increase surface hardness and lower friction.  As a result of these critical modifications and specialized preparation techniques, these turbos have an impressive 30% lower internal friction level. This directly contributes to reduced spool-up times and faster transient response while under thrust loads.  We have even invested a couple of hours in porting the oil drain cavity of the bearing housing for the best oil flow and drainage possible, just like a true competition engine assembly.  Some other tweaks worth mentioning are the inclusion of a 360 degree thrust plate to more effectively cope with those 3-Bar plus boost loads, and a polished compressor backplate surface for even higher compressor airflow velocity and volume.  These are polished to a similar standard as the compressor exterior.  With all of these blueprinting tricks we have invested in the NINJA-R, the way this turbo responds is more like a dual ball-bearing turbocharger than any journal bearing design.  This we have developed to bring the best performance possible to your turbocharged competition engine without having to worry about any service issues in years to come.

     One look at the compressor wheel will reveal that much development work has gone into the CAD design of the bladeforms.  We employ an aerospace aluminum alloy to machine from a billet forging for the ultimate in both light-weight and high-strength.  This is no modified cast wheel design.  The root of each blade is closer to the shaft for 2 very important reasons.  The first is a reduction in inertia, critical to the fast-spooling performance of this particular compressor wheel.  Secondly, it allows an increase in blade area for a substantial improvement in airflow capacity.  This turbo has a 1800 HP rating for a reason.  The time was spent to develop a next-level compressor section that pushes the efficiency of an 88 mm inducer size to the limit of what was the industry standard and beyond.  Well really, far beyond.  Each of these wheels is quite difficult to program its machining because of the exacting dimensions and extreme bladeform angles involved.  Even the nut for the compressor wheel is CNC machined into the wheel to save a few ounces over a steel nut and allow a smaller diameter for both greater bladeform area and even lower inertia. Like we stated, next-level compressor wheel technology.  That is what you should expect a turbo specialist to offer at this level of performance, is it not?  These are not manufactured to be standardized and sold in the hundreds even though the demand is high. We prepare each one (or pair) to be a no-excuses turbocharger that does just what is claimed with ease.  Pride in craftsmanship definitely applies here, not production goal quotas...

     The compressor housing selected to complement this special wheel has some noteworthy features itself.  To start with, this a a 'race' housing, which has a larger compressor scroll cavity volume for higher overall compressor capacity suitable for competition. The inlet has a nice radius to smoothly direct airflow into the blade inducer area.  It also incorporates an anti-surge cavity and slot underneath the radiused inlet.  This arrangement guarantees the most efficient airflow along with compressor damage protection being built-in.  Meticulous porting of the compressor housing discharge maximizes the airflow delivered to your engine from the compressor wheel.  Whether you opt for a tube discharge or a v-band outlet, it is ported to deliver the best airflow.  After the porting meets our standards, we turn the carbide burrs loose on the exterior.  Sure we make our turbos look phenomenal, but there is a small performance benefit too.  These housings are just a bit lighter for our efforts.  Anyone in racing will appreciate some progress in that direction.

     As far a exhaust housings go, this one is definitely unique.   After much feedback and testing, we have enclosed the massive 96 mm 718 alloy Inconel turbine wheel inside of a housing that originally was cast for a somewhat smaller wheel.  Why, you may ask? Because it works to have both a large diameter turbine wheel and a higher-velocity turbine housing scroll area to drive the 88mm billet compressor wheel properly.  These T6-flanged housings are very efficient at channeling large gas volumes.  That's a given, but turbine acceleration is generally secondary.  We have successfully modified this housing to do both.  Since it is impossible to make the kind of HP these turbos are expected to deliver without a large turbine wheel diameter, the NINJA-R has a 96 mm wheel for plenty of gas flow capacity.  After all of our proprietary housing modifications, the effective A/R of the housing is between .89 and 1.00.  The result is a large amount of exhaust flow capacity with an incredible amount of turbine wheel acceleration.  Everyone wins with this arrangement.  The internal cavities are thoroughly 'massaged' with carbide burs and then sanded smooth for the ultimate in gas velocity, and high amounts of exhaust gassses for the turbine wheel to be driven by.  Even the housing outlet has a similar treatment to get the very most out of the turbine wheel.  The aforementioned compressor housing porting matches the exhaust housing handiwork for balanced efficiency and peak performance.

     This is a great turbocharger for Pro-Mods, Competition diesel rigs, top-tier built Supras or GTR's, and well-prepared rotary builds. To be honest, if you've got a stout engine that can handle this level of airflow, this turbo will spool-up faster than you think possible.  It has spooled up easily enough with only 3.0 liters of displacement at a mere 3500 rpms on pump fuel and low (15psi) boost, so this turbo is just plain wicked on race fuel and good ECU tuning.  Make no mistake about the NINJA-R, it has the potential to test the chassis of most any competition vehicle it is installed in even at lower boost settings.  Killer 88 mm class turbocharger if your rules dictate this as the largest compressor wheel inducer diameter you can run.

     Spools up like a full-on ball bearing turbo for real, delivers power like a 100 mm sized turbocharger, fully rebuild-able if ever needed, and reasonably priced to boot.  The NINJA-R can easily be configured to have most any compressor housing outlet arrangement your engine may need.  We can supply the NINJA-R with a 3" beaded tube outlet, a 3.5" v-band outlet, and either a 45 degree or 90 degree outlet clocked in a position of your choosing.  Additional housings for the turbine can be supplied for larger displacement twin-turbo (mountain) motors if so requested.  So what's missing?  Lag!  This is the perfect boost delivery weapon for a serious engine.  With the NINJA-R 88, the competition won't know what hit 'em.  Not until the win light comes on as they watch from behind and the timeslip is displayed with pride and your telling smile...

     **This is a custom-built competition turbocharger.  There are dozens of hours invested in the welding, machining, and metalworking processes to produce the very best performance from each NINJA-R delivered.  It can be configured with various turbine outlet and compressor discharge options to suit most any vehicle turbo system.  Please contact us to discuss your specific fitment needs.**

ININJA-R 88mm Turbo Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- 360 Degree Thrust Components

- Fully Ported Compressor & Turbine Housings

- V-Band Turbine Discharge

- Polished Compressor Exterior

- Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel

- Compressor Outlet Options: 3" Beaded Tube/ 3.5" V-Band (angle of outlet is optional)

- Exhaust Housing Ceramic-Coated Exterior Finish

Your Price - $3,086.16 N88R-89/4V (4" turbine outlet),  $2,991.16 N88R-89/5V (5" turbine outlet)

     The NINJA-R 88mm Turbocharger.  Do you have enough engine for this turbo?  Our lab has cooked up a stellar performer with this turbocharger.  At home on a street beast, Pro-Mod, diesel pulling tractor, monster truck, or just about anywhere extreme HP is a requirement.  Built tough and tweaked for peak performance, this one will rewrite your opinion about large-frame turbos.

- SAMURAI-R 75 MM/ 80 MM Billet Compressor 1200 WHP/ 1400 WHP T4 Competition Turbo

     All that we have learned here at Exclusive Turbosystems from the NINJA turbocharger program we have put into this T4-flanged turbocharger.  We have had many requests for a large turbo that will be strong enough to safely support more than 1000 WHP and actually responds well on a street-based engine build of modest displacement.  We call it the SAMURAI turbocharger because it is a boost delivery expert of time-honored precision and mastery of metallic forms as delivered from us at Exclusive Turbosystems Inc. The SAMURAI-R features a very responsive Borg Warner T4 turbine section combined with a state-of-the-art billet compressor wheel (of unique specifications) with a 75 mm standard inlet diameter for true 1200 WHP worth of airflow delivery.  It is similar to our well received 75 mm NINJA turbocharger, but with a T4 turbine section.   For those builds looking for even more than this we offer a 80 mm compressor upgrade based on the same housing configuration.  The 80 mm SAMURAI-R brings out closer to 1450 WHP worth of airflow once we have worked over the housings with our signature techniques.  We have prepared the CHRA with the same techniques as our signature series race-prepped turbochargers so this is the best you can receive for this compressor size from us.

     The CHRA of this SAMURAI is based on the tough S-400 from Borg Warner with some distinct upgrades and modifications to improve upon the oil flow within the bearings, a reduction of internal rotational friction, and an increase of thrust load capacity.  Of course we have replaced the standard cast aluminum compressor wheel with a forged billet wheel, but this particular upgrade is our unique design for the very highest flow rates and pressure ratios possible.  It combines an aggressive blade sweep form with an extended-tip and extra-tall blade height.  Only Exclusive Turbosystems offers this special compressor wheel.  It offers a favorable combination of incredible airflow delivery, compressor map efficiency, and low mass, all of which translate into fast boost build-up and unmatched airflow capability.  The turbine shaft journal surfaces are meticulously polished to reduce friction and increase surface hardness.  The result is both improved durability and faster rotational mass acceleration.  The standard 270 degree thrust components are replaced with a full 360 degree component set that has been modified with radiused oil passageways and polished thrust pads.  This increases oil flow and reduces friction.  Both of the journal bearings are modified to have a 360 degree oil 'groove' so each hole feeding the shaft journal sees full oil pressure 100% of the time instead of when the port is lined up during the bearings (slow but steady) normal rotation. This is another modification that lowers friction, and improves durability because oil flow is increased, which being the primary means of cooling the bearings, directly lowers internal temperatures of the turbocharger.  All of the rotating components are balanced to operate at the 100,000 rpm+ levels these turbos will see on a constant basis as you should expect.  At this 'R' level the bearing housing casting itself is ported for the best possible oil drainage flow after oil exits the journal bearings.  The casting flash is sanded smooth so that oil can't 'hang up' inside the housing and back up at the piston seals to cause smoking or leakage into the charge piping.  The last modification to the CHRA is the polishing of the compressor backplate surface.  This surface treatment assures that air being forced past from the compressor wheel encounters no friction as it enters the compressor scroll chamber. We are certain of being unique in this treatment of the cast iron housing surface in pursuit of the ultimate in compressor housing efficiency.  As you can see, a turbo from us is never just the way it was assembled in a production batch at another factory, we are all about the details of each component, especially the critical ones.  This SAMURAI-R CHRA has all of the key elements to deliver rock-solid performance well above its specifications.

     The compressor housing has quite a few hours of workmanship invested to improve its performance capability and aesthetic appeal as well.  Our assortment of long-reach carbide burrs are first turned loose to make certain of a uniform shape and texture within the scroll passage.  The Borg Warner castings are pretty good to begin with but we are interested in perfection at Exclusive Turbosystems.  The sanding rolls are then used on long shafts to get a nice, uniformly smooth, inner surface for the pressurized air to travel through out the discharge section.  This can be either a v-band outlet or a beaded 3" tube so we can supply whatever you need for maximum efficiency with your charge tubing.  On the compressor inlet there are no less than about 4 hours spent reshaping, contouring, and sanding to produce the smoothly radiused entry you see in the pictures.  Since air going into the compressor wheel is so sensitive to turbulence, we are particularly meticulous with this area of modification.  Without this level of inlet preparation our special compressor wheel would not reach its full potential in your vehicle.  The exterior of the housing has just as much time invested to make sure it is as smooth as we can make it while retaining all of its inherent strength, and after the sanding rolls are put aside, polished up to a finish that will bring a smile to all that behold it.  We don't believe in ugly turbo presentation here.  All of our signature turbos are polished on the compressor exterior.  It takes some time to do but we believe in making turbos better both inside and out.

     The turbine side is the true working side of any turbocharger so we don't simply slip on a different housing and call it a 'special' turbo.  This particular housing is a .90 A/R housing however and it assures you of the highest turbine gas velocity for the 83 mm turbine wheel of this SAMURAI-R turbocharger.  All of our expertise with porting is unleashed on the inlet passages and the discharge outlet as well.  To reach our standards of internal passage shaping we will spend a few hours with the long-reach carbide burrs before any sanding commences.  Then the cartridge rolls are used to make all of the shaping uniformly smooth for the gasses to travel through.  Our feedback from years of turbocharger porting has led us to see nothing but positive results from this portwork on the turbine passages.  Spool-up is not only faster, but more smooth and progressive in nature.  The gasses are simply more efficiently directed to the turbine blade tips than in an un-ported, as-cast housing.  The same treatment of the turbine housing outlet has an even more dramatic effect when the housings are restrictively cast.  We study the casting to make sure that the discharge begins its radiused shape as soon as possible for the lowest possible backpressure effect on the blades.  Like we stated before with the compressor housing work, we are not interested in producing merely 'good' turbos.  The porting of the turbine housing is complemented by an external ceramic-based coating to keep all of the thermal energy inside of the housing so it can be used on the turbine wheel, where it belongs.

     This SAMURAI-R turbocharger is an excellent T4 turbo for most any (well-built) engine from just about 2 liters to well over 5 liters of displacement and right at home on a twin-turbo 2600 HP+ (Or 2900 HP+) mill that requires a very responsive boost delivery setup.  Built to be tough, responsive, and capable of serious airflow delivery, this is a T4 turbocharger that gets the job done in a hurry.  Unless you try to mount this to a 1.5 liter stock camshaft profile engine, 'lag' will not be a concern with this turbo.  Throttle control and traction, however, will be.  The Samurai were legendary warriors known for precision in their ways of battle, and masters at striking with no excess movement involved, we have named this turbocharger very appropriately.

Included Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Special high-flow billet aluminum 75 mm compressor wheel (optional 80 mm compressor wheel upgrade)

- Fully ported compressor & turbine housings

- .90 A/R turbine housing (1.10 & 1.25 A/R housing options also available)

- 4” V-band turbine outlet

- Polished compressor housing exterior

- Turbine housing ceramic-based high-temp coating

*please specify if you wish to have a 3" beaded tube compressor outlet TIG-welded in place (metal finishing will reflect a smooth, fully-polished exterior)* Alloy for 1-2 days extra preparation time thank you

Price $1,545.98 475BR-90

Optional 80 mm Compressor section upgrade for 1400 HP capability   $1,785.94 480BR-90

     The SAMURAI-R 1200 - 1400 HP T4 flanged turbo is our answer to the need for a 1000 HP+ turbo with fast response and unparalleled 

reliability.  It features a high-capacity billet compressor wheel design housed in its ported anti-surge compressor housing that delivers efficient airflow well beyond 1100 - 1300 WHP.  This is tough 3 BAR+ capable T4 turbo that you can count on for years.

- KATANA-R   88MM T4 Flanged 1650 WHP Competition Turbocharger

     This is absolutely the deadliest T4 turbocharger we offer.  It would be insultingly simple to call it a more compact NINJA-R or a larger SAMURAI-R.  We have thoroughly researched and developed this unique 'combination' of turbocharger components, blueprinting techniques, and housing preparation.  What we offer with the KATANA-R is a turbocharger that offers the very finest combination of response of the rotor group components and incredible airflow capacity of its compressor section.  These turbochargers are crafted to be the very best turbocharger you can use with a smaller displacement engine or in twin-turbo builds.  Each one we are commissioned to build is a perfect match for its intended engine design.  There are several elements which make these very highly prized among our clients who expect nothing less than a world-class turbocharger with unparalleled performance and durability.  We base the KATANA-R  on a larger turbine wheel than the shaft offered in our SAMURAI line of turbochargers, and it is combined with a variation of the 88mm compressor section components featured in the NINJA-R turbochargers.  The turbine seals are a dual piston-ring type for uncompromised oil control on par with the NINJA-R turbochargers.  With an impressive horsepower rating of nearly 1750 HP these are very much 'a deadly weapon' to be feared by any opponent anywhere.

     Beginning with the turbine shaft, we have selected the largest shaft we can fit within a select assortment of T4 flanged turbine housings which is nearly 5mm larger than that offered in the popular SAMURAI turbochargers. The SAMURAI-R features the same dual piston-ring seal arrangement as the NINJA-R turbocharger for the ultimate in durability and oil control within the CHRA.  It’s specially-cast ductile iron turbine housing is key to extracting the best turbine wheel acceleration characteristics from the Inconel alloy wheel.  The SAMURAI-R twin-scroll housing also affords the level of exhaust gas volume necessary to support horsepower levels approaching that of the NINJA-R turbocharger without the need for the larger T6-flanged housing it employs.  These housings, which can be optioned to have an assortment of A/R sizes, are fully ported as with all of our signature-series turbochargers for the very best management of the exhaust gas energy made available from the engine.  The porting is meticulously performed over a few hours to draw out the very highest-volume flow rates and made uniformly low in restriction to maximize gas velocity consistent with the best turbine shaft/ compressor wheel acceleration possible.  After the carbide burrs are put to rest and the sanding rolls have done their job, both the twin scroll turbine inlet and the large 4" V-band outlet are ready for full flow capacity and the ultimate in turbine wheel acceleration performance.  Just like the famous weapons which these turbochargers are named after, we have invested many long tedious hours in sculpting the metal passages into the forms we have determined to be the most effective and 'lethal'. 

     This being a signature 'R' series turbocharger, it has a full complement of internal bearing, housing, and thrust component modifications and upgrades to be the very best we can craft it to be.  Each of its journal bearings has a special circumferential groove machined on its outer diameter to provide direct oil pressure to each port feeding the internal journal surfaces of the bearings and the turbine shaft.  This, we have determined, provides a more steady supply of cooling and lubrication to the bearings that does not rely on a perfect alignment of the bearing oil holes and the turbocharger bearing housing oil port to deliver full oil pressure and volume to the turbine shaft surfaces rotating inside each bearing.  Both journal surfaces where the bearings are positioned are carefully polished to improve upon their surface hardness, and lower the friction in between the inner bearing journal, oil film, and the turbine shaft itself.  Not only is there a substantial improvement in durability against small particles carried within the oil inflicting any damage on the shaft or bearings themselves, but an impressive improvement in the ease of shaft acceleration due to the 25% drop in internal friction.  These turbochargers feature an improved 360 degree thrust plate and collar combination which we have modified with finely polished thrust surfaces for the best in both load capacity and reduced friction alike. 

Your Price  $3,195.88  K88R-110/4V,  K88R-90/4V,  K88R-125/4V

- Turbocharger Blueprinting/ Rebuilds


     We can augment most turbochargers for severe duty with some specialized tweaks during the rebuild process or when custom constructing a turbocharger.  Essential to adding longevity and reducing shaft to bearing friction, our combination of machining and surface treatments are 'the hot ticket' for the very best performance from any journal bearing turbocharger.  To reduce friction, the bearing journal surfaces of the turbine shaft receive attention in the form of polishing after a shot-peening treatment.  The bearings themselves are modified to allow continuous oiling to the inside circumference via a specially machined oil channel.  This allows full oil delivery to the turbine shaft at all times, not just when the oil holes of the bearings line up with the casting oil channel and lubrication drilling.  Finally, the thrust plate is given larger oil supply ports to increase lubrication to the thrust surfaces under high boost pressure loads.

     All of these modifications serve to improve durability at high pressure ratios and actually have been proven to increase spool-up speed and even add to the dynamic airflow delivery because of the reduction in internal friction.  Typically you can expect a 400 - 600 RPM quicker spool-up time from these CHRA modifications.  Response is even quicker when the housings are ported.  The time involved in performing these services is well worth the expense as the turbocharger also lasts longer in competition.  We are able to augment most every turbocharger available and is included in the construction of our custom built turbochargers.  

- Small and mid-framed turbocharger blueprinted rebuild  TBP-SM1 - $374.94
- upgrade to 360' thrust plate (where available) TBP-SM360 - $64.91

*ball bearing equipped turbochargers - $634.88 and up* (must be noted up-front)

- Compressor housing porting - $85.54,  exhaust housing porting - $99.91

- Larger-framed turbocharger blueprinting rebuild TBP-LF from - $664.94

(Over-the-Road Diesel Trucks, Heavy Equipment, Marine)

     Turbochargers are the cornerstone of our business at Exclusive Turbosystems Inc.  The owner began his education about turbocharger principles, construction design elements, and proper rebuild procedures while attending the LeTourneau University Aiviation Technology program in eastern Texas.  This is the background for how Exclusive Turbosystems patterns a large portion of its procedures for returning turbochargers to service at the same level of component scrutiny and adherence to tolerance standards as would be seen in the aircraft industry.  After a couple of decades of research and experience rebuilding turbochargers on a smaller volume (hobby) scale, this business was established to offer a better alternative to the meriad choices of poor-quality turbos currently available to the public, especially the performance enthusiast.  This aviation-based background gives a very useful understanding of the aerodynamic principles involved in turbocharger operation and efficiency.  Our turbocharger performance modifications are based on solid aerodynamic principles applied with the latest materials and machining methods.

     We always have turbochargers on the shelves for sale, have the ability to rebuild them, and are quite adept at modifying them for even better performance.  Whether you have an old custom-manufactured and obscure turbocharger from a small-production turbo kit from the 80's, or a current generation variable geometry turbocharger from an OEM diesel OTR truck or automotive application, we can get it back to a like-new condition.  Since we include a complement of tweaks and special procedures into our rebuilding process, usually we return your turbocharger in 'better-than-new' condition.  Performance improvement modifications are built in to each rebuild as well with our blueprinted assembly process.  Here at Exclusive Turbosystems every turbocharger is blueprinted to the best specification we can provide as a standard, at no extra charge.

     We are pleased to now offer more competitive pricing on our turbochargers.  You will always receive the same top-quality products painstakingly prepared on a custom basis, just at a lower cost to you.  We will continue to provide the same quality and one-off craftsmanship which has been our hallmark for years.

- Turbocharger Rebuild/ Blueprint Service

     Our rebuild process involves a 4-step approach to return a turbocharger back to service.  The first thing is a thorough inspection of all the major components after it has been disassembled, thoroughly media-blasted, and laid out in our clean-room.  The bearings are replaced of course, along with all of the seals and thrust components.  If the shaft or housings are worn beyond service limits the shaft will be replaced (at the owner's expense) and the housings repaired or replaced depending upon how much damage they have to the critical machined surfaces.

     Now that the major components are ready for reassembly, the blueprinting process begins.  The bearings are modified to increase oil flow to their inner diameter area with a specially machined groove and the thrust plate has its oil ports chamfered to increse oil flow as well.  Each bearing journal surface receives a polishing treatment which is also carried out on the thrust washer surfaces.  This serves 2 puposes, to increase surface hardness which resists metal-to-metal contact damage (in the event of an oil starvation incident such as a prolonged engine-off period forcing a dry start), and to lower friction inside the turbocharger bearing assembly (CHRA).  The components are painstakingly cleaned with solvents until the wipe of a cloth reveals no residue whatsoever.

     The assembly follows factory guidelines and we add some special techniques to assure the (journal) bearings will rotate freely inside the housing bores.  A special heavy assembly lubricant blend is used to cushion the bearings and shaft journal surfaces from metal-to-metal contact during transport/ shipment and before engine oil is plumbed back onto the oil port.  Compressor and turbine shaft balance is checked and verified to be within factory specifications and critical fasteners are replaced after their bolt holes chased with a tap if needed.  We have found that this is usually necessary on the turbine housing due to heat-induced corrosion and pitting/ galling from the clamp bolts.  An anti-seizing compound is applied to the turbine housing clamp bolts at this stage of the reassembly process.  After the turbocharger is fully assembled and rotor group operation is verified to be smooth and the housing orientation checked for adequate compressor/ turbine blade clearance, the oil port is filled with engine oil.  The assembled turbocharger is set aside in the correct attitude so that oil can be verified to drain properly out of the disharge port by gravity alone.  This proves that there are no internal blockages to hamper proper oil flow through the lubrication circuits. 

     The gasket mating surfaces are inspected during the disassembly stage and if needed they are dressed/ machined to return them to a uniformly flat condition for optimal gasket effectiveness.  This is especially critical on the turbine inlet flange surface as an exhaust leak there would significantly hamper turbocharger performance.  After a checklist is reviewed to make sure no detail was overlooked, it is at this point the turbocharger is ready to be returned to service.

     Whereas most shops would simply media-blast the components of the turbocharger and replace the bearings, thrust washer parts and seals, we return gasket surfaces to a flat condition, modify the bearings for improved oil flow, dress the bearing surfaces for a reduction in friction and improvement in surface hardness and durability, and make certain that each fastener can be threaded properly.  These steps may seem unnecessary to other turbo shops but here at Exclusive Turbosystems, our premise is to provide a better turbocharger for your use than what you dropped off for a ‘rebuild’.  This is our blueprinted rebuild service.


Signature Series Turbochargers

Turbochargers/ Rebuilds

Racers from all over made one request over and over to us, to supply a strong and fiercely competitive turbocharger with a T4 flanged footprint.  Using our 88mm NINJA-R compressor wheel, this turbo can flow some serious air and can last season after season doing so.  Every trick we know is applied inside this rowdy turbocharger for durability and class-leading performance under pressure.  Here is THE answer for a T4 turbo that can't be topped.

- ARMAGEDDON 88mm, 91mm, 95mm, 100mm Competition Turbocharger

     We have rewritten our prescription for the baddest single turbocharger you can fit to a race engine with the beastly ARMAGEDDON. The horsepower these turbos can support is from the 1500 HP level up to an insane 2400 HP+.  In the not too distant past these power levels required two turbochargers to be used. Each is specially prepared with proprietary blueprinting techniques and upgraded components for a class-leading race turbocharger that you can use to set lower and lower E.T.’s and higher trap speeds right off the trailer.  With our tried and proven porting profiles these turbos perform at peak efficiency from the first time entering the staging lanes to the last race of the season.

     The heart of each ARMAGEDDON turbo is its CHRA.  These are loosely based on Borg Warner large-frame turbochargers with some tweaks.  Each journal bearing is specially machined to provide a more consistent oil flow to the shaft journal surface for 2 reasons, improved durability, and reduced fiction.  The durability is enhanced from the oil reaching each journal surface faster and providing a higher flow rate to keep the bearings cooler.  Friction levels are improved by more than 25% with the more uniform oil film in support of the turbine shaft and the specially prepared surface where each bearing is positioned.  The boost-pressure load-bearing thrust components have a full 360 degree ‘contact’ surface with modified oil supply channels and similar surface treatments of the journal portions of the turbine shaft.  The benefits are threefold, primarily to reduce friction, lower operating temperatures, and to increase thrust load capacity.  Exclusive Turbosystems complements these modifications with special porting of the bearing housing casting to further improve oil flow away from the bearings, thus improving cooling of the internal components of the CHRA. We take the time to blueprint each of these turbos just as if it were a high-end race engine.  It should not be a surprise to find that our turbos easily outlast the competitors even when pushed harder in competition.  Whether you select the smaller 88mm, the next level 91mm, its larger counterpart 95mm compressor wheel, or step up to the beastly 100mm billet compressor wheel, each CHRA is meticulously assembled with a Inconel 718 alloy turbine shaft and fully balanced for precision vibration-free operation above 100,000 rpms.  Each compressor wheel is securely locked in position on the shaft and we use a special pre-lube blend to lubricate the bearings and thrust surfaces to prepare these for the rigors of turbocharger operations. Our internal CHRA ‘tweaks’ are worth an improvement in reaching full boost by a substantial 250 - 350 rpms, with a minimum 40 degree reduction in internal bearing temperatures as well.  The compressor wheels feature a bladeform that has an aggressive (closer to vertical angle) for high-airflow capacity at elevated pressure ratios.  Each bladeform, both the taller primary, and shorter secondary, has an ‘extended-tip’ for a lower inertia blade that flows like a larger diameter compressor wheel.  The cast compressor wheels are formed from high-grade aluminum material that is specially coated for lower friction in air movement and precision-machined to exacting dimensions.  Each billet compressor wheel is CNC machined from a solid block of heat-treated T-6 aluminum alloy to a much tighter tolerance dimensionally with thinner blades and a modified base profile that maximizes the blade area to take full advantage of the aerospace-grade alloy’s higher tensile strength.  The billet compressor wheel also features a smaller section of metallic mass around the shaft for a much lower inertia compared to a cast wheel.  The substantial improvement in blade rigidity of the billet compressor wheel transforms into a more stable compressor wheel shape at high rpms as well, further expanding aerodynamic efficiency and airflow capacity.  When you are moving this amount of air through a compressor housing all of these design elements are critical to reliable and efficient CHRA performance.

     Each compressor housing for the ARMAGEDDON series of turbochargers gets several hours of intensive porting on both the compressor inlet and the discharge.  The inlet has each casting ‘lip’ machined down to a better flowing radius that not only reduces turbulence of the incoming airstream, but increases the ultimate volume that can efficiently enter into the compressor blades as well.  The results are effectively better compressor performance and faster transitional acceleration (from one level of rpm to another).  On the outlet we spend time massaging the inner surfaces to reduce casting imperfections, for a gentler radius at the discharge exit, and sand smooth the inner passageways for higher airflow capacity overall.  These processes result in a combination of 10% higher compressor flow rates and lower turbulence introduced into the airstream for an improvement in compressor efficiency within each housing.  Depending on the original casting dimensions and surface imperfections our improvements can net a measurable amount of airflow volume increased through the casting as well as a faster compressor wheel acceleration within the housing.  A final step to these modifications is a thorough massaging of the exterior of the casting to make it uniformly smooth just before we take it to the buffing wheel. We spend time carefully dressing the housing on the buffer to bring out a high-luster shine from the aluminum material.  Better performance, matched and complimented by an impressive appearance.

     The turbine housing is critical to really spectacular turbocharger performance and response so we spend as much time as needed to get the internal passages to flow at their most efficient levels possible.  Each inlet passage is worked over with an assortment of long-reaching carbide burrs to eliminate casting imperfections, and massage the contours into lower restriction pathways for the exhaust gasses to travel through.  After we are satisfied at the uniformity and shape of the passage surfaces, we begin the process of sanding to improve the velocity attainable of the gasses on their way towards the turbine blades.  The same attention to detail is applied to the turbine discharge area.  Here the backpressure and turbulence are ‘massaged’ down to a minimum so that the turbine wheel can spin up to speed from the available gas energy as quickly, and with as little aerodynamic drag, as possible. Porting of these housings with our specific profiles and techniques yields real-world results of more power delivered to the wheels and faster turbo responsiveness that can be felt and documented in a reduction in elapsed times.  A true win-win situation.

     The Exclusive Turbosystems modifications and blueprinting techniques applied to the ARMAGEDDON series of turbochargers produces incredible levels of boost response and airflow delivery at very high boost pressures indeed.  These turbos are very comfortable living at 3, 4, and even 5 BAR boost levels for pass after pass, after pass.  If they ever do ingest something they shouldn’t we can service them without having to replace the entire CHRA, worse yet, the entire turbo like some competitor's turbos. We prepare each one to be the strongest and best performing turbo possible so that you can enjoy the rigors of competition from a driver’s standpoint and not so much from the sidelines of the pits.

ARMAGEDDON 95mm - $3,856.54
ARMAGEDDON-R 95mm Billet Compressor - $4,500.48

ARMAGEDDON-R 100mm - $4,821.31


88mm Turbocharger       - 1600 WHP

Turbine housing choices - .85 A/R

- 1.00 A/R

- 1.15 A/R

- 1.30 A/R

- 1.45 A/R

- 1.60 A/R

ARMAGEDDON 88mm Turbocharger - $3,228.11

ARMAGEDDON-R 88mm Billet Turbocharger - $3,774.14

     Size does matter when it comes to being able to handle high-boost loads and deliver gobs of airflow reliably.  Hence the ARMAGEDDON lineup of competition turbochargers.  They are based around some pretty thick turbine shafts so they can spin true and without distorting under race-level thrust loads. 

ARMAGEDDON 91mm Turbocharger - $3,345.07

ARMAGEDDON-R 91mm Billet Turbocharger - $3,968.99

- BLACK MAMBA-R Billet Compressor 900 HP T3 Flanged Turbocharger

     This is by far the most popular billet compressor T4/T3 hybrid turbocharger we offer.  Like its namesake, this turbo strikes fast! We have named this turbocharger after Africa's fastest poisonous snake because it combines a lethal strike and alarming speed owed to the combination of an air-gobbling 67 mm compressor wheel and fast-spooling P-Trim Garrett T-4 turbine shaft stuffed into a T3 turbine exhaust housing.  That's right, a 67 mm compressor wheel and P-trim turbine, deadly fangs, full of poisonous venom. BLACK MAMBA-R indeed.  What a unique combination of components this is, that can easily deliver both gobs of midrange and top-end power with quick spool-up characteristics that other turbos simply can't match.  These have been proven to deliver 400 WHP at modest boost levels around 10 psi!  With boost pressure of around 24 psi you will have OVER 600 WHP even with a modest 1.8l engine displacement.  Simply astounding power delivery with response that is often compared to dual ball-bearing turbochargers costing much, much more and having to run at boost pressures that require race-gas.  This feedback comes from various client vehicles sporting modest engine displacements of just under 2.0 liters.  Full boost by 2900 rpm that comes is strong above 1800 rpm.  Yes, these turbos really deliver both quick response AND high power.  These turbos have a compact assemblage of housings yet deliver a full 900 HP dose of lethal pressurized venom.  You read correctly, 900 HP or over 840 WHP from a T3 flanged turbocharger.  Read on to learn more about this very special hybrid turbo that will have your opponents looking desperately for an antidote, or a minister...

     We have proudly built the BLACK MAMBA-R's CHRA from a proven combination of special journal bearings and 360 degree thrust components supporting its billet compressor wheel and P-trim turbine shaft.  These are all modified for increased oil flow and load capacity.  We have incorporated full circumference (a special 360 degree oil channel) oil delivery journal bearings into this CHRA to support the turbine shaft in all aspects of rotational load. Each of the journal surfaces on the turbine shaft is finely polished to accomplish two goals, increase surface hardness(and therefore resist any chance of being scored by small debris particles), and reduce friction.  The thrust components have large collar surfaces for increased load capacity that we polish to reduce friction as well.  Even the oil ports are radiused and chamfered to promote better internal oil flow. Just part of Exclusive Turbosystems' unique 'blueprinting' process to reduce internal friction and improve the durability of our 'Signature Series' turbochargers.  The special CNC-machined billet aluminum T-6 alloy compressor wheel has a flow design efficient at moving well over 65 lbs per min even at modest boost pressures of around 15 to 25 psi.  Because of its strength and durability while handling high airflow rates, this billet wheel can move air more efficiently and at higher boost pressures than a cast compressor wheel could hope to.  The outer circumference of the wheel has extended blade shaping that effectively enhances airflow capacity through the blades while being lower in inertia.  Spool-up speed is much improved from this compressor wheel design alone.  Combined with the authentic Garrett P-Trim turbine wheel, this compressor wheel can easily spin up over 25 psi to deliver well beyond 875 HP+ levels of airflow for your engine to ingest.  Wow.  This genuine Inconel 718 alloy turbine wheel has a proven capability of both strong acceleration and high gas-flow capacity to support large compressor loads. This snake of a turbo has a strong backbone, and very sharp fangs.

     The unique T3 flanged exhaust housing we've selected as a fitting match for this turbine wheel has a .65 A/R effective ratio (proprietary porting of a .63 A/R housing to a larger exhaust volume/high-velocity shape) for both excellent spool-up as well as high gas flow levels.  This authentic Garrett nodular cast-iron turbine housing surrounds a full T4 turbine shaft with the right amount of gas-flow energy so that the compressor wheel attached on the other end can be driven with peak efficiency.  The inlet flange of the housing has a standard T3 footprint allowing a more compact fitment on the exhaust manifold.  With our signature level of porting applied to its passages, there is no significant reduction of ultimate gas flow volume (compared to a standard T4 exhaust housing casting), and a nice level of gas-velocity for swift turbine wheel acceleration and spine-tingling boost response.  To make the most of such a high-flowing turbine arrangement, we have TIG-welded a full 3" v-band outlet to the housing. What you get is the best exhaust gas management possible.  Several hours of skilled craftsmanship with carbide burrs and sandpaper rolls make this a reality.  What a sweet turbine arrangement this is indeed.  Fast, and very potent boost at your disposal.

     We start with a compressor housing that has a .70 A/R for extremely efficient, high-volume boost generation from the compressor wheel.  This compressor housing features a large 4" that expediently maximizes available air ingestion into the compressor wheel blades.  Of course it wouldn't be an Exclusive Turbosystems turbocharger without a full complement of porting to coax even more flow and efficiency out of the compressor section.  The compressor inlet has a generous radius leading toward the compressor blades which affords the maximum amount of airflow.  Matching this tedious shaping on the inlet side is the equally laborious flaring of the compressor discharge outlet. We shape this area int o smoothly radiused opening to the very edge of the tube exit, thereby eliminating any turbulence and increasing airflow out of the compressor housing.  Another step we take to coax even more aerodynamic efficiency out of the 67 mm compressor is the polishing of the backing plate surface.  This increases charge velocity as it moves into the housing scroll.  This is one of the distinct ways we sharpen the BLACK MAMBA-R'S fangs.

We have labored diligently to eliminate all restrictions to airflow efficiency and velocity from the inside-out.  Not simply bolted on a freshly cast housing and called it 'race ready'.  That would not be the Exclusive Turbosystems way.  We take the time to tweak the CHRA to gain additional performance and durability under stress.  Truly race-prepared for podium finishing. 

     Similarly, the exhaust housing has been extensively massaged with carbide burrs and then sanded to make its inlet smooth and turbulence free leading to the turbine blade tips.  The overhanging gasket mating surface has been cut away for an unrestricted path for the gasses to enter the housing.  Matching the inlet work is a radiused outlet cut into the exit from the turbine exducer. This is combined with the integral v-band outlet for a high-flow exit into the exhaust system downpipe.  We have spent no less than 3 hours on these housings to gain an honest 10% minimum in gas and airflow capacity.  You can expect to enjoy faster boost response than you are used to and much more airflow throughout the compressor's aerodynamic envelope. Remember, BLACK MAMBA'S strike fast, very fast.

     As you can see, this turbo is a lean and mean boost delivery predator.  It is ideal for modest displacement engines with T3-flanged manifolds in single turbo 900 HP applications and excels in 1800 HP twin-turbo systems requiring both high power outputs and quick response with tunes that can be set to streetable boost levels.  This turbo responds so well that torque output of the engine is likely to test the strength of the transmission bolted to it.  Traction will be tested as well with the lightning fast response of the BLACK MAMBA-R.  This is a turbocharger designed with top-tier components, that has a durable bearing structure, a highly capable rotor group, featuring proprietary preparation, and specialized assembly techniques, that performs better than expected, with a show-stopping cosmetic appearance.  Not just strong and powerful, but quick to respond as well.  The BLACK MAMBA deserves respect and a very wide birth.  The best advice generally given is to never underestimate its speed......the snake, or the turbo.  Capture this turbo for yourself and put a lethal bite on your opponents, or thread carefully indeed if you don't have a BLACK MAMBA-R of your own.  Fair warning has been given......

Included Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA
- 360 Degree thrust components
- Ported compressor and exhaust housings
- .65 A/R Turbine housing with v-band outlet (optional .82 A/R turbine housing)
- 3" V-band outlet standard, 3.5" optional for additional performance beyond 600 HP
- P-Trim turbine shaft in T3 exhaust housing

- Polished compressor housing exterior

- Compressor dimensions: 66.66 mm inducer, 83.85 mm exducer

- Turbine dimensions: 63.78 mm inducer, 73.52 mm exducer

Prices - $1,222.59  BM67P-65/30  (3" v-band outlet/ .65 A/R turbine hsg) 

              $1,278.59  BM67P-65/35  (3.5" v-band outlet/ .65 A/R turbine hsg)

              $1,299.24  BM67P-82/30  (3" v-band outlet/ .82 A/R turbine hsg)

              $1,354.91  BM67P-82/35  (3.5" v-band outlet/ .82 A/R turbine 

     900 HP from a T3 flanged turbocharger that actually has lightning-fast reflexes?  The BLACK MAMBA-R delivers the airflow with ease.  Doesn't require as much boost to flow efficiently either.  Responds well on smaller engines. Absolutely killer turbo for pump-fuel tunes.  This fully ported 67mm billet compressor, compact T3/T4 hybrid turbo, is just about perfect.

     Pictured to the left is a 6.5L GM turbocharger from a truck with about 230,000 miles on it. Partially seized from carbon buildup inside  the CHRA it needed some serious attention to save it, no problem for us.

     On the right is the finished turbo ready to be returned to service.  We ported the exhaust and compressor housings (as requested) to enhance engine boost response along with our full CHRA blueprinted rebuild procedure.  Ready to work.

     The TASMANIAN DEVIL-R is a small turbo that is all attitude.  Delivering a heady 475 HP from its 54mm billet compressor wheel and STG III turbine wheel combination, all while offering amazing boost response.  The TAZMANIAN DEVIL-R is one very potent little turbo.

     This is an especially clever combination of a Garrett turbine wheel and Borg Warner compressor aerodynamics that we have assembled to be a tidy 400 HP capable swift-response turbocharger.   The compressor wheel, housing and its backing plate are all Borg Warner TO4B components.  Inside the bearing housing sits a specially fitted upgraded thrust plate attached to the Garrett turbine shaft.  For this CYBORG combination we have selected a T3 exhaust housing with an integrated V-band outlet for a most compact arrangement surrounding the turbine wheel.  This turbocharger offers a well-conceived combination of both a fast-spooling turbine wheel and an equally air-hungry compressor wheel that we offer for modest displacement engines or for twin-turbo fitments which require turbos that respond with lightning-fast immediacy.

     At the heart of the CHRA is a Stage I Garrett turbine shaft which is proven to offer low inertia and durability for years of service.  On the far end of the turbine shaft sits a Borg Warner compressor wheel with a 2.12" inducer and more aggressively shaped blades  that is an improvement on the older TO4B wheel design.  for  The journals where the bearings are located get polished to a hard and smooth surface finish which is paramount to toughness and lower friction within the CHRA.  Each of the journal bearings have a full-circumference groove for a comprehensive oil supply to feed each shaft supply with equally stable lubrication flow.  Internal cooling is vastly improved with this bearing arrangement so the turbocharger will operate at low temperatures.  The thrust components are upgraded to a full 360 degree plate and heat-treated Stainless Steel thrust washers to better cope with the compressor wheel loads imposed with highly-tuned performance fitments well beyond 1 BAR boost pressure.  Each of the thrust surfaces is polished to improve hardness for a more durable surface which has better durability.  To match all of these modifications we have added a polished compressor backplate surface so that the pressurized airflow exiting the compressor wheel blades has no appreciable resistance or turbulence as it enters the compressor housing discharge passage.  It may be considered overkill to perform all of these modifications on a CHRA that is most likely never to see anything more than a 1.5 BAR boost load but we wish to deliver peak efficiency and performance with each turbcharger we offer.

     On the working side of the CYBORG turbocharger is a housing with a .48 A/R and a 2.5" outlet.  This housing selection is well suited to getting the turbine wheel to respond ultra-quick.  Both the inlet and outlet are carefully ported to make sure that the exhaust gasses have an easy path through the turbine wheel blades.  Our porting profiles are key to reducing restrictions induced by the rough casting surfaces of the housing passages and result in better turbine acceleration and overall turbocharger response.  The integrated v-band discharge allows a compact and gasket-free connection to the downpipe.  The exterior of the turbine housing is treated with a ceramic-based coating to reduce underhood temperatures and keep exhaust thermal energy well contained inside the housing for maximum effect on the turbine blades. 

     Compressor housing modifications are just as beneficial as those performed on the turbine housing.  The inlet is reshaped to eliminate sharp transitions and restrictive excess material at the opening.  Additionally, the compressor housing discharge passage gets some attention using carbide burrs and sanding rolls to uniformly shape the outlet and form a smooth surface for the pressurized air to travel through with ease.  The porting process applied to the compressor housing actually increases compressor wheel performance, efficiency, and boosts airflow capacity through the wheel.  As a nice complement to the internal work we thoroughly sand the exterior of the housing and give it a complete polishing session to bring out a nice shine.

     Because of the low-inertia combination of the compressor wheel and Stage I turbine shaft the CYBORG can be used on smaller displacement engines even as small as 1.0 liter.  Easily fitted within smaller spaces due to the very compact housings, these turbos can also make for solid twin-turbo build.  The most efficient boost pressures to match the  CYBORG's compressor wheel capabilities are a modest 15 - 25+ psi which make for simple tuning with pump fuel.  Fantastic boost response and a healthy 400 HP airflow capacity have made this one of our more popular turbocharger offerings.  Larger engines can employ a pair of CYBORG turbos to support 800 HP.

     This is a special combination of Garrett and Borg Warner components which is based on several different turbochargers.  It requires multiple special opponents to assemble each one.   Please call ahead for availability of the CYBORG turbocharger.  

Included Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Upgraded 360 degree thrust components

- Fully ported compressor & turbine housings

- Polished compressor housing exterior

- .48 A/R turbine housing with 2.5" v-band outlet

Your Price  - $773.07

SIDEWINDER - 510 HP T3/T4 Turbocharger

     We are particularly proud of this one.  The SIDEWINDER turbocharger has a small compressor wheel with huge airflow capabilities.  It used to take a 60mm compressor wheel in this turbocharger frame size to generate enough airflow to support 500 HP but compressor aerodynamics have advanced quite impressively in the last few years.  Instead of merely increasing the overall diameter of the compressor inlet to improve airflow capacity, we now have better compressor blade shaping, materials, and computer designed wheels that actually outperform their diminutive dimensions.  The SIDEWINDER is a perfect example of such advancement.  With a mere 49mm compressor inducer, it is fairly impressive in its ability to flow more than 49 lbs per hour of air.  Such a compact wheel has several advantages.  It has a much lower inertia (compressor wheel mass) so response to throttle inputs is essentially instantaneous.  It can actually be matched to smaller and more compact housings for improved fitment options for tuners as well.  It has the same profile as the Borg Warner Airwerks series of turbochargers which have proven themselves to be very efficient in moving large amounts of air and easily produce higher boost pressure ratios with ease.  Just what you need when you're dealing with a small compressor wheel size.   This SIDEWINDER combination features a STAGE III turbine wheel and T3 housing with the compressor wheel being fitted inside a TO4E style housing with a 3" inlet.  This turbocharger is an easy fit in pretty much any engine bay.  This being an Exclusive Turbosystems signature turbocharger, you would be correct in assuming that it has been ‘warmed over’ in our turbo assembly lab for peak performance and durability under stress.  Race-level preparation is standard on each Sidewinder turbocharger.

     Beginning with a complement of specially modified full circumference oil channel bearings and a heavy-duty thrust plate, the SIDEWINDER  has a very capable CHRA at its heart.  Our selection of a genuine Garrett Stage III turbine wheel was made to make certain that the SIDEWINDER would be able to strong enough turbine blade acceleration to support a 500 HP capable compressor wheel without being too large to respond very quickly.  The Stage III wheel is excellent in this scenario.  The journal surfaces are mirror finished to make them slick and tough in equal proportions.  All of the tiny oil ports on the journal bearings and thrust plate are radiused and chamfered with meticulous attention to detail for improving the oil flow through the bearing housing to keep lubrication steady and temperatures under control at all times.  The thrust plate itself is a full 360 degree upgrade in this turbocharger as well.  With all of the internal modifications to improve lubrication flow and reduce friction the SIDEWINDER CHRA has very low drag and spins up with an almost ’electric’ connection to throttle inputs.  The snake this turbocharger was named after moves mighty fast over desert terrain to avoid being cooked on a scorching rock, so we believe the name truly fits. 

     Turbine housing duties are handled by a .63 A/R housing which is an ideal combination of high-volume gas flow with a healthy gas velocity stream to boot.  We have fully ported the inlet and discharge for maximum efficiency and it can be fitted with a 3" v-band outlet (for NO CHARGE) that we TIG-weld in place and port to match the work on the rest of the housing.  Inlet passage porting is carried out with special long-reach carbide burrs to get all of the casting imperfections and flash removed out of the exhaust gas path.  On the discharge of the housing we radius the outlet to make sure that gasses have no turbulence introduced into the stream to disrupt their speedy escape out of the turbine wheel blade exducer.  We have found this to be nearly as important to swift turbine wheel acceleration as the porting of the scroll passage.  On the exterior of the turbine housing we apply a ceramic coating to keep underhood temperatures in-check and to keep the gasses at peak thermodynamic strength for driving the turbine wheel.  

     Compressor housing work is centered around a full compliment of porting internally and treating the exterior to metal-finishing for a smoother and leaner appearance.  Both the compressor inlet and discharge are made more uniformly radiused and curved to reduce turbulence introduced to the compressor wheel airflow when being drawn in, and at the outlet of the compressor housing alike.  Not only is airflow improved substantially but response is sharpened as well.  After the carbide burrs are put aside, we bring on an assortment of sanding rolls to make the inner passages nice and smooth.  This is also carried out on the compressor exterior in preparation for a session on the buffing wheel.  The result is a slightly tougher exterior surface that also catches all the eyeball once the hood is popped open.  Who doesn't appreciate a bright, 'liquid-metal' shine on a turbocharger?

     The SIDEWINDER turbo can be used by itself to support up to 510 HP above 25 psi or used with a twin to deliver a 1000+ HP punch on a nicely built engine.  Two of these can easily be setup on either a modest displacement inline 6-cylinder engine of 2.5l displacement or a larger V-8, V-10, or V-12 engine.  We have supplied matching pairs of these turbos on both inline 6-cylinder and V-8 engines with great success.  Ideal for an engine build based on a responsive boost delivery being the primary goal.  Excellent turbos for road course duty and easy to fit in smaller engine bays.  This is a small turbo with a big delivery that produces boost rapidly like a desert snake moving across the hot sand.  The SIDEWINDER.

Included features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Upgraded 360 degree thrust components

- Ported compressor & turbine housings

- 3" v-band outlet (optional wastegated housing for swing-valve control)

- Polished compressor housing exterior

Your Price - $778.59


- NINJA-RC 75mm 800 WHP/ 80mm 1000 WHP Billet Compressor Cummins Fitment Turbo

     Our NINJA is one tough hombre so we know it is perfect for use as an upgrade for the Dodge Cummins turbo-diesel engine.  The Cummins 5.9L is a tough engine with huge potential for making more power and the NINJA turbocharger was designed to be good at flowing huge amounts of air and delivering heaps of boost pressure without breaking a sweat, day after day, after day.  Seems wise to make sure our turbo is a perfect fit for the Cummins in our opinion.  Its compressor wheel is a billet aluminum alloy design that outflows the cast Borg Warner original it supersedes with ease, and there isn’t much that can put much of a dent in any of its sturdy forged T-6 alloy blades.  On the opposite end of the shaft where this wheel spins is a beefy 96 mm Inconel alloy turbine wheel that boasts twin oil seals which is best with a diesel engine fitment.  More importantly, the turbine housing is a masterful concoction that gets this turbo to light off in a hurry like nobody would imagine.  A heavy duty thrust component upgrade and a few tricks inside the bearing housing are applied to make this turbo Just about indestructible.

     The CHRA of the NINJA-RC is fully blueprinted with modified journal bearings, a 360 degree thrust plate and polished journal surfaces.  Each bearing has a 360 degree oil channel for perfect lubrication of the shaft and better oil flow through the turbo to wick heat away faster.  These modifications deliver a tougher shaft with lower friction and better lubrication and cooling.  We have seen these turbos keep up their impressive performance even at 50 - 60 PSI boost pressures for years which is reliability and durability that you can rely on.  The porting of the compressor and turbine housings maximizes performance and improves boost response substantially as well.  On the exhaust side of the NINJA-RC this porting gets the very best gas flow through the turbine blades for the ultimate in responsiveness from the turbo.  EGTs are much lower with this efficient turbine housing arrangement as well.  

Included Details:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Proprietary .90 A/R turbine housing

- Billet aluminum high-capacity compressor wheel

- Fully ported compressor & turbine housings 

- 360 degree thrust component upgrade

- Polished compressor exterior

- Ceramic-coated turbine housing exterior

Your Price  - $1,705.78  (75mm compressor size)  NRC75/9-5

                    - $1,849.03  (80mm compressor size)  NRC80/9-5 

     A custom Cummins upgrade turbocharger for the masses.  Most will find this turbocharger to be perfect for both work and play.  Mud slingin', car haulin', embarrasing a sports car or 2 on the road, or dragging a 5-ton sled for fun, you choose how to let your Cummins use its NINJA-RC upgrade best. 

- CYBORG 400 HP T3/T4 Ported Turbocharger

     This is the 57mm billet compressor wheel equipped, 520 HP T3/T4 hybrid WOLVERINE-R turbocharger.  It offers incredible responsiveness and durability by combining the latest billet compressor wheel aerodynamics with a proven Garrett STG-III turbine shaft as its foundation.  This blueprinted turbocharger features a 360 degree thrust bearing upgrade, and fully ported compressor and turbine housings.  The WOLVERINE-R is the exact same turbo we employ on our twin-turbo RB24DETT shop engine for a rock-solid 850+WHP.

     Turbo aerodynamics have advanced quite far from what was available a decade ago.  Forged billet compressor wheels which have been CNC-machined from aerospace-grade aluminum alloys are changing what is expected of turbochargers today.  Now you can have a fast-responding turbocharger that delivers some 15% more airflow from the same size compressor wheel.  The WOLVERINE-R turbocharger is a perfect example of this advance.  This turbocharger makes an honest 40+ more horsepower with a faster boost rate.  Destined to become a very popular 500 HP turbocharger selection for performance enthusiasts, the WOLVERINE-R is a tough turbocharger built with the best components as well as specially developed assembly and preparation Exclusive Turbosystems employs to produce it.  

     We have named this the WOLVERINE because it accurately describes this turbo's character, or attitude if you'd prefer.  This turbo is modestly sized, but ferocious, and won't back down from any challenge.  A CNC-machined forged 7075 aluminum alloy compressor wheel with a 7+7 blade design sits inside of the compressor housing.  This compressor wheel also has an extended blade tip which effectively reduces inertia and offers more airflow and response, all at the same time.  Its outer blade tips are wider than the blade base they are attached to for much reduced material at the outer edges of the wheel.  This ’57-trim’ turbo is equipped with a STG-III turbine and a T3 flanged inlet for compact exterior dimensions which belie it's 500 horsepower appetite.  It is important to understand that this combination of billet compressor wheel and turbine wheel is critically important to the phenomenal boost response you can expect from the WOLVERINE-R turbocharger every time your right foot flexes just a bit... 


      The compressor housing is a TO4E design that features both a huge 4" inlet and 2.5" discharge for moving large amounts of air molecules through the 56+ mm compressor wheel with efficient ease.  The gentle radius of the inlet directs airflow right to the blades which are poised and await unsuspecting air molecules like the predator this turbo is named after.  The street manners of this compressor trim are ideal for pump-gas tunes because of the (compressor) map’s efficiency in the 15 to 25 psi range.  After our signature-level of porting is applied to this housing, 500+ horsepower levels of airflow capacity becomes an everyday affair.

       On the other side of the bearing housing sits a Garrett STG-III Inconel alloy turbine wheel which is precisely shaped to turn exhaust gasses into immediate shaft acceleration to get the compressor wheel spinning at ideal rpm's RIGHT NOW.  This turbine wheel has nearly an identical diameter compared to the compressor wheel inlet dimension, making it perfect for the optimal rotor-group response-versus airflow characteristics possible.  The STG-III turbine shaft is the wheel trim of choice for responsive boost delivery between 300 - 600 horsepower.  Each WOLVERINE-R turbine housing sports a .63 A/R, which delivers the best combination of spine-tingling response and upper midrange airflow delivery.  We have also spent quite a few hours with our long-reach carbide burrs and sanding rolls massaging this housing, to turn the rough-cast inlet into a smooth passage for the exhaust gasses to move through with little turbulence.  It is all about velocity and efficient exhaust gas movement here.  Even the turbine discharge is reworked to improve gas flow and reduce back-pressure so that the turbine wheel can accelerate as quickly as possible.  The outlet is a 3" v-band which is integrated into the housing for a non-turbulent exit from the wheel and high-flowing transition into your downpipe.

     The WOLVERINE-R CHRA is built around an authentic Garrett STG-III turbine shaft for proven low-inertia response to the exhaust gas from the engine.  These shafts are made from Inconel alloy for high-temperature durability and toughness.  We use specially modified 360 degree oil channel bearings to support each end of the turbine shaft as well as a modified 360 degree thrust plate arrangement.  All of the bearing and thrust journals are polished to make them harder and smoother for a low-friction surface that is also more durable.  Our techniques for preparation of these components lowers internal friction significantly and improves turbo responsiveness at all RPMs.  The CNC-machined billet compressor wheel is lighter and stronger than its cast original with improved aerodynamic efficiency too.  With this billet wheel we polish the compressor backplate surface for a slick passage that the airflow can travel through into the compressor discharge for a further aerodynamic performance 

     The bottom line is that the WOLVERINE-R is a very responsive turbocharger with fairly compact dimensions that can deliver 500+ horsepower all day long.  Scrappy and ferocious boost delivery.  With a State-of-the-Art, CNC-machined, billet forged-aluminum compressor wheel and tough Inconel alloy turbine shaft at it’s core, it delivers strong performance much better than it smaller dimensions would suggest.  The Exclusive Turbosystems WOLVERINE-R, don't misjudge it's size.

Included Features:

- Billet CNC-machined forged aluminum compressor wheel

- 4” compressor inlet

- Blueprinted CHRA 
- Upgraded 360 degree thrust components
- 3" V-band turbine outlet
- Ported turbine and compressor housings
- Polished compressor exterior


- Turbine housing: .63 A/R
- Compressor specs: Inducer 56.25 mm, Exducer 73.04 mm
- Turbine wheel specs: Major diameter 64.38 mm, Exducer 56.31 mm

Price - $997.67  WR-57/T3V63

     The mid-sized DIAMONDBACK-R is our solution for a 590 HP simple pump-gas tune powerhouse turbocharger.  This is achieved by matching a 58mm billet compressor wheel with a P-Trim Garrett turbine shaft that is supported by our specially prepared CHRA and ported housings.  The DIAMONDBACK-R has a fat airflow map that is excellent for delivering massive airflow in between 10 - 25 psi.  Perfect for the street-tuned turbo builds that require more than 500 WHP and incredibly-strong midrange power delivery.  You will find it hard to beat the choice of a pair of DIAMONDBACK-R billet turbochargers for a modest displacement 1100+HP twin turbo system.

     With a peak airflow which can support close to 600 HP, the DIAMONDBACK-R is ready to strike a deadly blow if provoked.  The CNC-machined forged aluminum alloy 58mm compressor wheel ingests air in large amounts with ease.  This T4-flanged turbocharger has a large P-Trim turbine wheel on the opposite end of the compressor wheel allowing effortless acceleration and linear boost response.  A pair of DIAMONDBACK-R turbos are also a great way to support almost 1200 HP with heavy-hitting midrange airflow delivery that has to be experienced to be believed.  The DIAMONDBACK-R turbocharger delivers its best performance at lower pressure ratios and is one of the very best we offer for pump-gas levels of tuning.  Be forewarned, this turbocharger delivers airflow at 10 - 15 psi that others require 20 - 25 psi to support.  Low boost does not equal low power with the DIAMONDBACK-R turbocharger.  

     To provide a strong foundation for the DIAMONDBACK-R, we support the Garrett P-Trim Inconel alloy turbine shaft with a pair of modified journal bearings and a 360 degree thrust plate assembly for the very best combination of low-friction and toughness.  Each bearing is machined to incorporate a 360 degree oil channel for full-time lubrication of the shaft it supports.  The shaft journals are polished to increase surface hardness and to lower friction at the same time.  The thrust plate has improved oil delivery and polished journal surfaces which are sandwiched between 2 polished thrust washers all in the interest of increasing durability, improving oil flow for better cooling, and lowering internal friction.  These combined bearing modifications result in a substantial 30% reduction in friction which directly translates into faster turbine shaft acceleration.  The billet compressor wheel is a 6+6 blade 59 mm T-6 aluminum alloy design which can move up to 60 LBS of air through is milled bladeforms.    

     On the charge side of the DIAMONDBACK-R the compressor wheel spins inside a .70 A/R housing with a large 4” inlet and 2.5” discharge.  The inlet has a radiused path leading into the compressor wheel blades which is key for keeping turbulence from disrupting airflow into the wheel.  The outlet is opened up with some careful portwork for maximum airflow capacity from the compressor wheel.  After the discharge is sanded smooth, the cartridge rolls are applied to the compressor housing exterior to produce the same surface finish.  A final step is a thorough session on the buffer for a bright shine all over the casting surface.

     Surrounding the P-Trim turbine wheel is an open-scroll .68 A/R turbine housing.  By specifying the .68 A/R housing we endow the DIAMONDBACK-R with the ideal combination of strong turbine wheel acceleration and healthy gas volume capacity.  This housing is the best choice for responsive midrange and solid top-end power.  The housing has an integrated V-Band outlet cast-in for the ultimate In low-turbulence gas evacuation and simple connection to the exhaust downpipe.

     Perhaps the best feature of their DIAMONDBACK-R turbocharger is that it most efficient in between 10 - 25 PSI boost pressure.  This makes it a killer pump-gas tune turbocharger which delivers massive amounts of airflow at relatively low boost pressure settings.  The billet compressor wheel and top-level preparation make the DIAMONDBACK-R a very popular choice for twin-turbo builds on engines from 4.0 Liters up to well over 8.0 Liters of displacement.  Whether you are looking for a solid 500+WHP turbocharger or needing a matched pair to support 1000 WHP, the DIAMONDBACK-R is a very tidy choice with a host of advanced features and solid construction for reliable service for years to come. 

Included Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Billet forged aluminum compressor wheel

- Compressor wheel dimensions - 59.06 mm (inducer), 76.08 mm (exducer)

- Fully ported compressor & turbine housings

- 3” V-Band T4 turbine housing

- Ceramic-based turbine housing coating

- Polished compressor housing exterior


- Turbine housing - .68 A/R, T4 inlet

- Compressor wheel - 59.06mm (inducer), 76.06mm (exducer)

- Turbine wheel - 74.20mm (inducer), 64.60mm (exducer)

Price - $1,174.81  DB58R/T4

     Exclusive Turbosystems is pleased to launch a new line of billet compressor ‘Signature Series’ turbos we call the SUPER-Bs.  Each of these turbochargers features a CNC-machined billet aluminum compressor wheel for substantially improved performance and durability.  The bearing assemblies also feature modified journal bearings and thrust plates for lower internal friction and better durability and cooling.  As with every other signature turbo these all have ported housings on the compressor and turbine ends of the turbocharger assembly.  Every one of these turbochargers is built around a proven Inconel alloy turbine shaft manufactured in the USA for un-compromised durability and excellent dynamic performance.  These turbochargers are also serviceable, with journal bearings that are less complex compared to ball-bearings, even though they exhibit similar spool-up response characteristics.  The combination of fully blueprinted CHRA assemblies, advanced billet compressor wheel aerodynamics, and fully ported housings has the net result of a line of turbochargers that is at least 10% more capable as far as performance, with even faster response (typically a 500 - 700 RPM faster spool-up speed), and improved durability.

     These SUPER-B turbochargers are excellent turbochargers for supporting outputs in the 400 HP - 700 HP range without a lofty price tag.  Each combination has been meticulously designed, prepared, and assembled to be a high-value basis for a simplified turbo system.  We have incorporated the improved performance capability of the current billet forged compressor wheel enhancements into some popular turbocharger assemblies for a variety of Motorsports uses.

     The 67 mm COPPERHEAD-R turbocharger can deliver a 930 HP 'bite'.  This is accomplished with a unique combination of an advanced aerodynamic profile CNC-machined compressor wheel and a P-Trim turbine shaft supported by a blueprinted journal bearing CHRA and fully ported housings on both ends.  Quite a potent combination for responsiveness and massive airflow on demand up to 30 psi.

     The COPPERHEAD-R is a deadly serious T4 turbocharger.  It combines a large cutting-edge billet compressor wheel in a high-capacity compressor housing that is spun up to speed by a P-trim turbine shaft that resides in a high-flow/ fast-response spec turbine housing.  This T4 turbocharger is fully massaged to perform at the highest level, and prepared with premium components making it very tough to beat for durability.  A pair of these COPPERHEAD-R turbos will easily fit beside a V8 engine because of their compact dimensions and deliver enough pressured airflow to support up to 1850+HP.

     A CHRA assembled with a pair of specially-modified journal bearings, a heavy-duty thrust plate assembly, and a super-alloy Inconel turbine shaft, give the COPPERHEAD-R turbocharger a solid foundation for the billet compressor wheel to driven by.  the bearings are specially machined to include a 360 degree oil channel to provide lubrication to the turbine shaft journals at all times.  The thrust plate is an upgraded 360 degree arrangement with modified oil holes for improved thrust capacity and reduced internal temperatures under boost loads.  Every one of the journals including the bearing and all of the thrust surfaces are polished to increase hardness and lower friction simultaneously.  For this turbocharger, even the compressor backplate is polished smooth to improve airflow from the compressor wheel once installed inside the housing. The net effect of these CHRA modifications lowers rotational friction by 30% which can be measured by a 400 RPM faster spool-up time.  On the charge side of the CHRA is a 67 mm, 7+7 blade forged aluminum billet compressor wheel, which has been CNC-machined from 7075 alloy to exacting specifications.  This compressor wheel offers incredibly high tensile strength, dimensional stability, lower mass, and higher airflow capacity because of its thinner blades and aerospace-grade material and aerodynamic shaping.  All of these attributes contribute to the COPPERHEAD-R having the ability to move more than 90 LBS of air through its compressor housing.  To drive this wheel properly we have matched it with a 713 Inconel alloy Garrett (P-Trim) turbine wheel.  This turbine wheel has thin blades for the lowest mass possible and a large enough diameter to offer plenty of rotational torque for driving the billet compressor wheel with ease.

     The compressor housing of the COPPERHEAD-R turbocharger is a TO4(R) specification casting with a large 4” opening and 2.5” discharge outlet.  This housing has a .70 A/R which is ideal for strong boost build-up characteristics and excellent airflow capacity as well.  We port this housing to assure a low-turbulence compressor inlet radius and to maximize airflow efficiency through the compressor discharge channel.  Quite a bit of aluminum is cut away to open up the scroll passage of the housing and a gentle radius right to the very end of the discharge tube assures the best airflow possible from the compressor wheel itself.  Once the internal sanding of the housing is completeted to our standards, the exterior of the housings gets a similar treatment to produce a uniformly smooth surface all over.  A side benefit to all of this porting and sanding is a reduction in weight of the housing.  Losing a few ounces here and there is always a good thing for vehicle performance as we are sure you’ll agree.  We then top it off with a session on the bufffer with some high-grade compound to bring out the show-stopping shine you see before you above.  We are proud of the work invested on the inside of the housing, and just as glad to have it seen on the outside as well.

     On the all-important turbine wheel end of the COPPERHEAD-R turbocharger is a .68 A/R open-scroll T4 housing.  This housing offers incredibly swift turbine blade acceleration from the gas stream channelled through its passages.  The porting removes all turbulence inducing restrictions from the gasket flange interface and from the rough surface of the cast material.  Both the inlet and the turbine discharge are thoroughly ’massaged’ to be uniformly smooth for the best possible gas velocity and volume through the housing and turbine blades themselves.  The importance of gas-flow dynamic efficiency is well understood here at Exclusive Turbosystems which is why we are meticulous about turbine housing porting techniques.  Much of the incredible performance of the COPPERHEAD-R  is owed to our (turbine) housing portwork.  The COPPERHEAD-R housing also has an integral V-band flange on the discharge outlet for a high-flow, gasket-free connection to the exhaust.  To keep thermodynamic energy as high as possible within the housing, we apply a ceramic coating to the full exterior as well.  This coating also reduces underhood temperatures and looks much better if you ask us.

     If you need a durable T4 turbocharger which can support a heap of power with very responsive boost delivery, look no further than right here.  The COPPERHEAD-R is designed to deliver top-level performance without any complexities whatsoever.  It can support an honest 900+HP on its own and up to 1800 HP with a twin brother.  Each COPPERHEAD-R will respond beautifully with the exhaust gas from around 2.0 Liters, so this is a pretty good fit for twin-turbo engines of modest displacement and limited engine bay room.  Being able to easily support 1600+WHP makes for a serious turbo system indeed. 

Included Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Forged aluminum billet compressor wheel

- 360 Degree thrust components

- Fully ported turbine & compressor housings

- 3” V-Band turbine housing

- Poilished compressor housing exterior

- Ceramic-based turbine housing coating


- Turbine housing - .68 A/R, T4 inlet

- Compressor wheel: - 66.6mm (inducer), 84.00mm (exducer

- Turbine wheel: - 74.20mm (inducer),  64.60mm (exducer)

Price - $1,294.77   CPR67/T4

     For a single T4 turbocharger that can support 1100 HP with a compact TO4R exterior size we proudly introduce the brand new TAIPAN-R.  It combines a low weight/ high-flow 72mm billet compressor wheel with a 74mm turbine wheel for the ultimate in compact T4 performance.  This turbo takes the Garrett TO4R turbocharger to the extreme for both airflow capacity and fitment ease.  Perfect turbo for twin setups.

     This is the most powerful T4 we have ever offered in such a compact frame.  It is well-named after the most deadly poisonous snake on dry land, the Inland Taipan of Australia.  You don’t want to get too close to the snake in the wild or come up against this turbocharger on the road, unless you have a death wish.  It offers well over 1000 HP worth of airflow capacity from its State-of-the-Art extra-large 72mm billet compressor wheel, and with all of the tricks Exclusive Turbosystems has applied to the CHRA and the housings, it delivers phenomenal responsiveness.  With a ‘stealth housing’ fitment of a T3-flanged turbine housing we also make available, this turbocharger can be used in custom twin-turbo fitments on V6 race engines like 3.8L VQ38 GTR engines, 2000+HP V8s, and even well-built Supra 2JZ builds.  This turbocharger was made to destroy track records.

     The CHRA for the TAIPAN-R is a combination of specially prepared journal bearings, a severe-duty thrust plate, the billet compressor wheel, and an authentic Garrett Inconel turbine shaft.  For the best possible durability the TAIPAN-R CHRA is built with a water-cooled bearing housing to allow you the lowest operating temperatures of the critical bearings and internal components.  The thrust plate is steel and not the standard brass plate material for the ultimate in thrust capacity, stiffness, and strength.  It is also a 360 degree design with polished thrust pads for lower friction and reduced galling if any contamination is present in the oil supply.  The journal bearings feature our special 360 degree channel for perfect oil delivery to the inner journal surface in all situations.  Each journal surface of the turbine shaft is polished as well for incresased surface hardness, and lower friction within the CHRA.  On both the compressor and turbine sides of the CHRA we have fitted specially machined ‘gapless’ piston seals for the ultimate in oil control within the turbocharger.  This is truly the best CHRA we offer for the TO4R series of turbochargers.  The unique CNC-machined billet forged aluminum alloy compressor wheel is a low-mass, 7+7 blade design with extended blade tips on the outer diameter.  This specially machined wheel design offers incredible airflow efficiency and because of the aerodynamically superior blade profile, special outer tip machining, with very low inertia for the best response possible.  This forged-aluminum 7075 alloy compressor wheel is precision-machined to tighter tolerances than are possible with a comparable cast aluminum wheel while featuring higher tensile strength blade forms and lower mass.  The compressor backplate surface adjacent to the compressor wheel is polished to promote the highest possible airflow velocity into the compressor housing discharge.  We have matched an authentic Garrett 713 alloy Inconel (P-Trim) turbine wheel with this compressor wheel to turn the gas flow through the turbine housing into just the right amount of rotational force for the TAIPAN-R to perform at its best.  The unique specifications, modifications, preparation, and components of the TAIPAN-R CHRA are not found anywhere else.  This is truly an ‘exclusive‘ offering.

     The TAIPAN-R turbocharger has a large compressor wheel and fittingly, a large compressor housing opening.  The 4” opening is available with a ported shroud inlet option based on the HKS ‘KAI’ turbochargers.  This optional compressor housing gives the TAIPAN-R a howling induction sound that is menacing and unmistakably distinct.  It also has an anti-surge cavity surrounding the compressor inlet for protection of the billet wheel if surge conditions ever arise.  Aside form the rather large inlet leading to the compressor wheel is a suitably sized 2.5“ compressor discharge that is ported to the maximum internal volume allowable by the .70 A/R (Garrett) TO4R casting.  These features combine to support the 1000 HP airflow capability of the billet compressor wheel perfectly without being too large and restricting rapid boost-buildup within the housing.  After the porting of the interior passsages is complete the exterior of the casting is fully metal-finished to a smooth form before we put in some time on the industrial buffer.  The complete exterior is polished to a show-winning shine at this stage.

     At the turbine wheel end of the TAIPAN-R turbocharger are a choice of either a T4 flanged housing or a T3 housing precisio-machined for the P-trim turbine wheel spinning away inside.  The T4 housing is a .68 A/R with an integral V-band outlet which is standard, but a .81 A/R housing can be requested as well.  The .68 A/R housing offers the best combination of turbo response from lower RPMs, midrange power, and strong top-end airflow.  The larger .81 A/R option delivers insane top-end airflow and storing midrange.  Both of these housings are supplied with large 3.5” V-Band outlets TIG-welded in place for the ultimate gas flow out of the TAIPAN-R turbine wheel.  A full complement of porting is invested in the housing(s) to maximize turbine wheel efficiency, responsiveness, and power delivery.The exterior of the housing also receives a ceramic coating to improve thermodynamic efficiency, turbo response, and reduce underhood temperatures.  The T3 turbine housing is offered in a .63 A/R configuration and a .82. A/R.  Each of these housings is ported with the same attention to flow improvement as the T4 housings and also include TIG-welded 3.5” V-Band outlets.  For the best responsiveness the .63 A/R housing is the top choice, while the .82 A/R housing delivers the strongest midrange response and top-end airflow capability of the TAIPAN-R.

     To put it plainly, the TAIPAN-R Is a Bad-To-The-Bone TO4R turbocharger that is the most advanced offering in its size, period.  This is an excellent turbocharger if you need to support about 1000 WHP with a single turbo and have limited space in the engine bay to mount it.  Also, the TAIPAN-R makes for a an excellent basis for a 2000+HP twin turbo system.  These turbos offer cutting edge aerodynamics, incredible airflow capacity, responsive boost delivery, a rebuildable construction, and compact dimensions.  If you are looking for a durable high-output single turbocharger that has a small footprint, look no further.  The best feature is the fact that the Taipan-R can be rebuilt down the road so you know it will be a solid choice however you have it optioned.  The Taipan-R is built to last and support jaw-dropping amounts of airflow.

Included Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Severe-duty 360 degree thrust components

- Water-cooled bearing housing

- Billet forged 7075 aluminum alloy CNC-machined compressor wheel

- Low-inertia blade tip design

- Optional ‘KAI’ anti-surge compressor inlet 

- Polished compressor housing exterior

- Fully ported compressor & turbine housings

- T3 or T4-flanged turbine housing options

- T3 turbine housings - .63 A/R, .82 A/R

- T4 turbine housings - .68 A/R, .81 A/R

- Ceramic-coated turbine housing 

- 3.5” V-Band turbine housing outlet 

Price - $1,597.88  TP-PR72/T4 (T4 turbine hsg),  $1,687.29  TP-PR72/T3 (T3 turbine hsg),

            $1,959.57  TP-PR72/T4KI (T4/ ‘KAI’ inlet option),  $1,997.51  TP-PR72/T3KI (T3/ ‘KAI’ inlet)


SUPER-B Billet Compressor Turbochargers

     By combining a very compact TO4B compressor section with a T3 turbine section we have created a powerful smaller turbocharger we call the TASMANIAN DEVIL-R that has excellent responsiveness and is simple to use with pump fuel octane levels.  The 54mm billet compressor wheel is plenty strong and has heaps of airflow capacity to support more than 450 HP.  This turbocharger will fit almost anywhere easily, and with a stout 950 HP from a pair, makes a strong argument for using 2 turbos on an engine  instead of a larger single.  We designed this turbo be be ferocious in boost response with a small size that can fit most anywhere, sport compact, motorcycle, jet ski, go-cart, just about anywhere you can dream up.

     The foundation of the TASMANIAN DEVIL-R turbocharger is its Garrett STG III turbine shaft and billet 54mm forged aluminum compressor wheel combination.  In adition to being CNC-machined from a stronger 7075 alloy aluminum forged billet, the compressor wheel is much lighter and features an advanced aerodynamically superior 6+6 blade design.  The lighter weight allows better responsiveness and the advanced blade shaping delivers higher airflow capacity.  Turning this billet compressor wheel is an authentic Garrett Inconel 713 alloy 64mm STG III turbine wheel.  This shaft offers a combination of low inertia from its thinner blades and excellent rotational torque from its generous diameter.  The Inconel alloy shaft is precision-made and machined to run true and straight with excellent high-heat durability and strength.  A perfect foundation for the TASMANIAN DEVIL-R turbocharger.  These rotate on either end of a heavy-duty 360-degree thrust plate and full 360-degree oil supply journal bearings which support the shaft.  Every journal surface of the turbine shaft and the thrust plate is polished to increase surface hardness and reduce friction levels for better durability and rotational acceleration.  The 30% reduction in friction of this rotor group translates to faster turbocharger spool-up.  In addition to increasing the oil ports on both the trust plate and the journal bearings to improve cooling and bearing surface lubrication, the compressor backplate is polished for an additional improvement in aerodynamic performance from the billet compressor wheel spinning away within the compressor housing.

     The compressor housing of the TASMANIAN DEVIL-R is a simple .60 A/R casting with a 2” discharge outlet and 3” compressor inlet.  This housing is very compact with a width of merely 8”, affording easy fitment of the turbocharger assembly in cramped engine bays.  This housing is fully ported to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, boost response, and horsepower potential.  Every inch of the exterior of the casting is sanded to shed a few extra ounces of weight and give the casting a more ‘organic’ look.  The complete surface is polished to a high-luster shine that gives the TASMANIAN DEVIL-R a classy appearance that you can be proud to display.

     On the turbine wheel side of the TASMANIAN DEVIL-R Is a .63 A/R turbine housing with a V-band outlet.  This housing ‘size’ delivers the best combination of turbine wheel acceleration and strong midrange to top-end boost delivery from the STG III wheel.  The 3” V-band outlet is more than large enough for this 475 HP capable turbocharger and allows low-turbulence gas evacuation from the turbine wheel blades.  Both the inlet ‘scroll’ and the the discharge are ported for the best possible gas flow dynamics and turbine wheel performance.  Finally, the entire exterior of the housing is ceramic-coated to improve thermodynamic efficiency of the turbine wheel and reduce underhood  temperatures as well.

     The TASMANIAN DEVIL-R turbocharger is a simple approach to generating 450+HP from a low boost pressure range which is ideal for pump fuel engine tuning.  It offers its best efficiency in between 10 - 25 psi boost pressure without a need to be run at higher boost pressures to deliver its peak performance.  This turbocharger is ideal for smaller displacement automobiles and makes an excellent source of boosted airflow for a motorcycle as well.  Most any 3.0 Liter or larger engine can easily spool up a pair of TASMANIAN DEVIL-R with ease and support up to 950 HP.   The compact dimensions and ease of tuning associated with the TASMANIAN DEVIL-R billet compressor turbocharger, make it easy to select for a wide variety of performance applications.

Included Features:

- Compact compressor housing & turbine housing combination

- Blueprinted CHRA

- 360 Degree thrust components

- Fully ported turbine & compressor housings

- .63 A/R T3-flanged turbine housing

- 3” V-Band turbine housing outlet 

- Polished compressor housing exterior

- Ceramic-coated turbine housing

Price - $909.57   TD-R54/63T3

     The brand new 63mm billet compressor GREEN MAMBA-R offers up an impressive 800 HP worth of airflow with astounding responsiveness.  Featuring a large anti-surge TO4R compressor housing and T3-flanged V-band turbine housing combination, this compact turbocharger has a low-inertia compressor wheel and high-flow STG-V (T3) turbine shaft to deliver pressurized airflow with athletic flexibility.

     The GREEN MAMBA has a subdued demeanor but is one of the most deadly snakes on the planet.  This personna can also be used to describe the 800 HP capable GREEN MAMBA-R turbocharger.  This turbocharger has a compact TO4R exterior which contains a 63mm billet compressor wheel and T3 turbine wheel combination.  Perhaps the only warning anyone will ever get from the lethality of this turbocharger is the howl from the ‘KAI’ inlet modification of its compressor housing.   This turbocharger delivers lightning fast response much like a GREEN MAMBA strike, so the name fits.

     We base the GREEN MAMBA-R turbocharger on a combination of an authentic Garrett STG-V T3 turbine wheel and a 63mm 7+7 blade forged aluminum alloy compressor wheel which is CNC-machined from a solid billet.  These are supported by a pair of modified journal bearings with 360-degree oil channels and a 360-degree steel thrust plate upgrade.  To increase oil flow into the thrust surfaces we modify the ports and polish the thrust surfaces.  This assures a higher thrust load capacity with lower operating friction and temperatures.  The shaft journal surfaces are both highly polished to increase harness and lower friction dramatically.  The combined bearing modifications and component upgrades result in 30% lower friction within the bearing housing and faster turbocharger spool-up by 400 RPMs minimum.

     The GREEN MAMBA-R turbocharger has a unique 4" 'KAI'  anti-surge inlet compressor housing with a large 2.5" discharge.  This

inlet modification provides excellent surge protection for the billet compressor wheel and also delivers efficient airflow into the compressor wheel blades.  A distinct howl emitted form the turbocharger as it makes boost gives it a menacing sound that is fitting of this 800 HP capable turbocharger.  Porting of the housing discharge passage delivers the best possible airflow from the billet compressor wheel and also reduces the weight of the casting.  On the exterior this extensive sanding is carried forward for a further weight reduction and much smoother shape.  Finally, the entire housing exterior is polished to a high-luster shine that will make you proud to display your GREEN MAMBA-R.

     The exhaust housing surrounding the authentic Garrett STG-V turbine wheel features a .63 A/R and a lareg 3.5" V-band outlet on the discharge.  This A/R delivers the best overall responsiveness from the rotor group and incredible midrange boost airflow.  Both ethe T3-flanged inlet and the discharge are fully ported for the best gas flow through the turbine blades.  The discharge passage itself is carefully flared out to the V-band flange diameter for the lowest possible turbulence within the gas stream exiting the turbine wheel blades.   A ceramic coating applied to the housing exterior promotes the best thermodynamic efficiency possible with the housing and reduces temperatures within the engine bay as well. 

      With 800 HP capability from a single GREEN MAMBA-R turbocharger, and the ability to support 1600 HP with 2 turbos, this is a very potent combination that delivers incredible responsiveness and an impressive host of features to its credit.  This is an ideal Time Attack turbocharger or an excellent choice for a modest displacement (3.5L & larger) twin-turbo engine build.  This turbocharger is the best T3/T4 hybrid turbocharger we offer up for an aggressively-tuned engine that REQUIRES incredibly responsive airflow delivery at lower boost pressures and midrange RPMs.  Excellent for roadcourse racing engines.  And with the 'KAI' inlet modification you will have no problem making your presence known as you pass the competition.

Included Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Billet forged aluminum CNC-machined compressor wheel

- 360 Degree heavy-duty thrust components

- Ported turbine & compressor housings

- 3.5" V-band turbine outlet

- .63 A/R turbine housing (.82 A/R optional)

- Polished compressor housing exterior

- Ceramic-coated turbine housing exterior

Price - $1,494.58

     By combining the astounding airflow capacity of the 67mm billet compressor wheel of the BLACK MAMBA-R and COPPERHEAD-R with a STG-III turbine wheel fitted inside a ultra-responsive turbine housing, we have created a perfect turbocharger for smaller engines and twin turbo setups.  This turbocharger delivers enough airflow on its own to support 800+HP, making this the right turbocharger for 1000+WHP systems that are tuned to respond instantly to throttle inputs.  With a choice of either a T3 flange or a V-band on the turbine housing you have options for the manifold configuration you want to use as well.  These turbochargers feature a fully blueprinted CHRA with all of the durability and low-friction modifications our turbochargers are known for.  

     The CHRA of the PYGMY RATTLER-R turbocharger is based around a Garrett STG-III Inconel alloy turbine wheel which spins the 67mm billet compressor wheel on the opposite end.  The 11-blade aerospace alloy forged aluminum compressor wheel is an advanced low-inertia design with extended blade forms at their outer diameter.  These blades offer higher efficiency airflow capacity and improved responsiveness without incurring a weight/mass penalty.  This is the same compressor wheel which our clients have praised for delivering 400 WHP - 500 WHP at boost pressures as low as 11 - 15 PSI with full boost being delivered at just  2300 - 2800 RPMs When coupled with the larger P-Trim turbine wheel.  For this turbocharger we selected the lowest mass turbine wheel that could be matched to this compressor wheel to maximize the gas flow velocity through the turbine housing specifically for optimum boost response.  The PYGMY RATTLER-R has journal bearings which are modified for increased oil flow and improved cooling.  An upgraded 360 degree thrust plate is fitted to complement the performance of the rotor group components.  Each of the bearing and thrust journal surfaces is polished to increase hardness for durability and also to reduce friction within the CHRA.  Because of our attention to reducing friction internally the PYGMY RATTLER-R CHRA responds like a dual ball bearing CHRA In real-world applications.  Each journal bearing and thrust plate surface is highly polished to eliminate friction inside the turbocharger.  To finish off this CHRA, we have selected a special turbine seal which has a staggered-gap for the ultimate in oil control within the bearing housing,  and on the compressor end, the backplate surface is fully polished for minimal turbulence and peak aerodynamic efficiency within the housing.

     For a compressor housing that compliments the PYGMY RATTLER-R billet wheel we offer a pair of options based on a massive 4” inlet and 2.5” discharge configuration.  The standard housing has a radiused entry leading into the compressor wheel blades.  The second housing brings an anti-surge inlet configuration to the 67mm compressor wheel blades.  Both of the inlets are shaped to maximize airflow and efficiency with a gentle radius and no blunt edges in the airflow path.  The anti-surge inlet features a ‘KAI’ modification to allow for compressor surge protection and a killer howl that can be heard a mile away.  The entire discharge scroll passage is ported for maximum airflow volume and efficiency.  As with all of our Signature Series turbochargers the carbide burrs and sandpaper rolls are turned loose onto the compressor housing exterior as well in preparation for a session on the buffing wheel.  The complete exterior is polished to a chrome-like finish for all the World to admire.

     The critical turbine housing has some very unique features and specifications for use on the PYGMY RATTLER-R turbocharger.  With an aggressive .36 A/R the exhaust gasses get accelerated with extreme prejudice.  This housing assures that immediate boost response is delivered, no matter what throttle position you set.  We spend a few hours porting the housing inlet scroll to make sure that there is no turbulence-inducing restrictions or rough casting surfaces.  The porting of each of the PYGMY RATTER’S turbine housings is essential to the performance of the turbocharger.  Not only does it allow for faster gas flow, but it also allows high volumes of exhaust gasses even with such a ’small’ A/R ratio.  Our experience over the past decade has shown us exactly what is required for these attributes to coexist in the same turbocharger (turbine) housing.  This arrangement is similar to the housing in the NINJA-R 88mm turbocharger which performs so well, just on a smaller scale.  Two inlet s are available for this turbine housing both with V-Band outlets.  The first is a standard T3 flange for most commonly fabricated/ made exhaust manifolds, while the second features a V-Band inlet for specialized high-flow manifolds which have high-velocity merge collectors for premier gas flow and turbine acceleration.  We have a dedicated process for shaping the inlet of the casting in preparation for being TIG welded (using a high-Nickel-content filler rod) with the (Stainless Steel alloy) V-Band flange.  The second housing configuration gives some flexibility in mounting the turbocharger as well.  Both the inlet and outlet passages are meticulously ported to flow without restriction no matter which configuration you have.  The exterior of each housing is shot-peened and ceramic-coated to enhance thermodynamic efficiency and reduce engine bay temperatures as well.

     The Exclusive Turbosystems PYGMY RATTLER-R can be used on smaller displacement engines alone or with a twin for inline-6 cylinder, V8 and V6 engines.  This is a savage turbocharger for motorcycle turbo setups.  Any engine up to about 6.0 liters is perfect for a pair of PYGMY RATTLER-R turbochargers.  With the ability to flow enough air to support more than 800 HP, these are no light-weight turbos.  Built engines need only apply.  Ball-bearing turbo performance and responsiveness without the need to crank up the boost past 25 psi, or the pricy replacement of the CHRA once they are worn out or damaged, just a rebuild.  Prepare for a torque curve that looks like a trapezoid, having a sharp rise right after idle, that never falls off and stays fat till redline.  These turbos are KILLER on road course circuits, Time Attack events and Gymkhanas.

Included Features:

- Blueprinted CHRA

- Ported turbine & compressor housings

- ‘KAI’ inlet anti-surge compressor housing option

- Low-inertia billet forged compressor wheel

- Genuine Garrett Inconel STG-III turbine wheel

- Unique .36 A/R turbine housing w/ V-Band outlet

- V-Band turbine inlet option

- Polished compressor housing exterior

Price - $1,342.88 PR67/T3-4 (4” Compressor Inlet/ T3 Flange)

            $1,405.94 PR67/VB-4 (4” Compressor inlet/ V-Band turbine hsg)

            $1,724.41 PR67KC/T3 (4” ’KAI’ Compressor Inlet/ T3 Flange)

            $1,789.67 PR67KC/VB (4” ’KAI’ Compressor Inlet/ V-Band Turbine HSG)

    This is another new offering from the Exclusive Turbosystems, the PYGMY RATTLER-R 67mm billet compressor 800 HP T3/T4 hybrid.  Designed for twin-turbo and small displacement applications, this powerful turbocharger has a uniquely small A/R turbine housing for the ultimate in response with low exhaust gas volumes associated with twin turbo engines and smaller displacement (1.0 - 1.8 Liter) powerplants.  The performance of this turbocharger at lower boost pressures from 10 - 20 psi brings immediate boost response and 1000 WHP to the masses.